The winter hulabaloo!

I have fond memories of winter from childhood. Life was simple, nonsense free and warm. Winters meant extreme cold with temperatures dripping to 3 or 2 degrees. When you are in North India, you experience a time where your body decides to freeze, bunk bathing and explode an impulsive reaction at a minuscule touch of another cold hand. Following are some of the things you can easily relate to:

Sunlight – Winter was when there were Christmas vacations and the time was mostly spent sun bathing. The objective was to wrap up the household work as soon as possible and sit under the sunlight. A lot of people spend time at their terrace. Since, we have lived most of our life in a flat system, so to sun bathe, you are almost racing against the timing of the sun. As a matter of fact, lots of people buy flats as per the sunlight’s direction so that they do not require siting in someone else’s property. And when you have a flat by road side, you have lesser options. You are mostly seen pushing the folding bed in the direction of sun while it goes towards west. The challenge is to keep moving the bed every foot and make sure you do not look like that cow sitting in the middle of the road.

Peanuts, oranges etc – Though it’s not mentioned in our constitution but it is mandatory to eat peanuts during winter. Peanuts conspire so much! Why that small portion of the peanut has to go one mile away under the table? There is an awkward pleasure associated in finding that portion. The sunbathing and peanuts go together like Siamese twins. And what joins them is the gossip. A lot of people have god given talent of eating peanuts at the speed of Usain Bolt. But the speed is inversely proportional to the speed of gossip as the topic extends to the number of people involved. The littering done post peanuts is basically a part of our eating protocol. Other than peanuts, oranges remain second in the menu. Have them in abundance, let the stock run out. Once you are done with oranges, submerge yourself in Gajar ka Halwa. Winter can never be complete without a scoop of halwa and praising your mother incessantly.

Knitting – There is always an old member in very family who is knitting something and the knitting is an eternal process. Somewhere some lady is knitting and she is knitting. Sometimes I doubt the strategy of knitting, how come those balls never end. Red, blue, green, orange and many more colors and designs always different from another. I don’t really have much to talk about it as the culture of knitting is steadily fading away. The latest species of mothers are slogging at work juggling work life balance. So, peace.

Water – Ah! This is where the entire population of north India comes together in unison. I don’t understand this abnormal protocol of putting a scene on how they managed a shower in cold water. *Slow clap* for them. Apart from that, doing the dishes, washing clothes or doing nay household water centric job deserves a bravery award. How many times have I emerged like a wounded warrior yet not defeated. So, once the water job done, my robotic structure plans to remain stagnant till the mother comes in and give a tight one at the back.

New year celebrations – New year celebrations are incomplete without a mini tent in your neighborhood playing Daler or Honey Singh at highest of the highest volume. Probably taking place on a collective contribution from the flat mates. The scenario goes like this, dense fog is floating in the air, you almost look like a monument covered in multiple layers and women still finding room to impress the bestest guy in the party. Basically, everything turns to paneer and naan in the end. And there are other people like me who decide to procrastinate till the end of their lives. We remain inside the blankets, and watch new year programs on TV (earlier on DD1 and now we have raised our standards, we watch some rubbish via TATA sky.) Overall a new year filled with snoring and wondering there is a word called resolution.


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