Basic courtesies – inviting your friend to your wedding

The topic I am going to talk about has full chances to raise eyebrows against me or even let people get offended. But, I will talk about it.

Recently, a galore of my friends got married at a speed like someone just blew the whistle in a race. I am quite happy for them anyway. So, when I say ‘friends’, I mean the ones who either studied during college at one point in my life or worked with me in any office. They ended up being virtual friends later. So, for them ‘invitation’ is a virtue least valued.

For instance, a friend did not bother to make a cordial invitation by calling or messaging. The person asked for email IDs and simply dropped the invitation cards without any mouth of word or a message. I would have appreciated if I wasn’t invited at all in the first place. By this you make the other person clearly feel that he or she has no place in your life and this ‘without courtesy invitation’ stands as a proof. I appreciate people who invite others whole heartedly even if the person stays miles away. Just a small and warm gesture is enough to win hearts.

While you decide to invite people from far distances, it is important to notify them in advance so that they can make arrangements. A friend of mine who puts up excessively far called me just ten days before the wedding and told me where, to whom and when he was getting married. How do you expect your friend to attend your wedding who hasn’t even checked with tickets, leaves at work and duration to be spent at the wedding? His feeble voice and ‘limited talk’ communication manner was enough to understand his gesture. I would have loved him more if he did not invite me at all. No matter how educated you are or you have a big job, these small things equally make you a better person.

Invite those people who matter to you, whom you like and whose presence means really big to you. Do not invite someone because you think it is an etiquette or because the person was with you in your college or exists in one of the whatsapp groups. Invite them because you want their wishes. A ‘no-emotion’ communication with no warmth over the call or a random email with no affection actually hurts the recipients.

By this blog post, I do not want to offend anyone. I am just sharing my thoughts on how the other person feels when such abrupt invitations are made.


3 thoughts on “Basic courtesies – inviting your friend to your wedding

  1. Completely agree with you… it makes sense to invite people who matter… and that needs to be done in a certain way.. which is warm and courteous; and makes the guest ‘wanted’…
    thanks for sharing 🙂


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