A Samosa!

Eons of glories have come and gone                                                                                   samosa

What stays on

A Samosa

Debates on the republic

Its affairs and its gimmicks

Along with tea

Remains with you

A Samosa!

Those sunsets

Amidst a family chat, a gossip battalion

Near the station

Dipping in spicy chutney

Remains in my plate

A Samosa!

Music beyond words,

The college mess

The friends and their mates

Somewhere love brewing in a nest

With the mates and the zest

Remains with us

A Samosa!

I laugh and I sneeze

I eat while I beset

I eat with the inhabitants

A Samosa!


Samosa – It is an Indian snack made from mashed potatoes or any other fillings usually in a triangular shape.

Picture courtesy – Internet (Potato and Peas)


4 thoughts on “A Samosa!

  1. Hi Debashri! I am in love with samosa since my childhood. Indeed it has been a snacky part of my life throughout. And this way posting especially for Samosa, sounds like a tribute to it 🙂 beautifully written!


  2. Dearie Debbie!
    Samosa… Something so dear to our Indian snack-oriented taste-buds and yet so literally ignored. But I am glad you have aptly done the much required justice. I am reading it when I am trying hard to switch to a ‘healthy, weight loss regimen’. And do I really need to say that I am already cribbing for one hot Shingada (samosa) with Muri (puffed rice) and Cha! Uff so much can a good piece of writing do to me.

    With love,

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    1. Hahahaha! I can understand your pain point. I feel this Samosa that is our national snack brings everybody together. Just one samosa with muri wont do anything wrong to ur regime provided u just have one in an interval of months :D. By the way, thank you so much for taking an effort to read it and follow the blog as well.


      Liked by 1 person

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