My degree, my job!

What I think about myself? – I am an independent, responsible and smart working woman.

What my colleagues think about me? – Ah! What a life man! Single, no husband, no kids, no responsibilities! Saving all money eh….

working womanBy people, I mean both men and women. Looking at the above, I would like to display the amount of negativity being faced by many young working women in a corporate environment. We all work for varied reasons – feed family, savor monetary independence, utilize degrees, pursue passion via job, achieve high end career  to make  a mark or make it big in life through one’s profession.

Every human being has her or his separate reasons to work. I do not understand why one should taunt another on money. At various fronts, I was commented that I didn’t need a job, I have a luxurious life because I have no husband or a child.

A lot of people think because they have a young woman in twenties working, she has no liabilities! It is not always male colleagues, even female colleagues tend to create similar judgments.

I condemn the thoughts, the opinions, the judgments!

At many intervals, I was commented:

  • “Where do you spend your salary?”
  • “Your salary exhausted already is it, c’mmon?”
  • “You are single, your earning hardly matters.”
  • “You have been saving, you have a fortune already I guess.”

The entire planet is going gaga over women empowerment; people are penning articles, doing debates, creating videos and other actives. It is important to start from here. Just not always wrongly touching and protecting her that gives birth to ‘respect women’ contemplations but also how you speak and treat her that matter.

Any man or a woman has no right to comment on another’s earning. It is my hard earned money, my potential, my degree, my choice, my life!

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