Daddy…. father daughter

Of all the rides with you, the pillion beckons me the most

There can never be another ride like that

Sitting behind and feeling merry and lost


Holding on to your thin arm

While I crossed the road

Equaled millions of muscles and the tusks


I have grown up in ages

I have grown up breaking the cages

Nothing like those homely Sundays

Nothing like the siestas behind the rays


Even if I am a grown up woman now

That is the just the way the world sees me

I am your little girl

That little girl,


There are those boys

Out there daddy,

Those dates and those funs

The boys run for the outer glory

Chase for skin and chase for flesh

Love, a beset in disguise

They loved, hurt and hated

They are just boys daddy,

Just boys

Nothing like you daddy

Nothing like you!


Can I grow a child again?

Again shall I play with thee

Again shall I be gay

I will be in my frock

I will hold thy hand

I will turn the pages

And you shall read me


Pic courtesy – Pinterest


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