Now click the “buy” button on Google to shop online


Google comes up with “buy” button in its search results to make users for more ease.

Here is a big news for all the people who love buying online. Google is coming up with “Buy” button that shall show up right next to the specific search results. It is big wave for the ecommerce industry. As per the chief business officer at Google, Kordestani, users shall be encouraged more to do online shopping. Despite the fact that ecommerce giants like Alibaba, eBay and Amazon, a meager 10% of online commercial transactions take place.

As per the reports, the users will get to find the buy button along with the paid advertisements which appear at first before the organic results under a heading i.e “Shop on Google.” Upon clicking, the user will be navigated to Google Shopping website. This is where the users will come to know in detail about the product and transaction. Google is not directly selling anything as it is going to associate with retailers who take the responsibility of orders and shipping. On the other hand, Google keeps the information regarding payment away from the retailers.

Google will be giving important information like email IDs, mailing addresses and other details only if the customer gives consent. Google shall be earning from the money received from the advertisements listed at the top of the search engine results. Google aims to earn not from retail items but the ads. Go online today!

Pic courtesy – Google


Make your Memorial Day travel plan right now!

If you haven’t made your memorial day plan, do it now. The day is just round the corner and finding booking at the most preferred places is tough. If you are looking for an affordable memorial day trip then you still have time. Just go with the tips and tricks in this news and get your best deal now.

It is important to schedule your memorial day trip right away before the deals run out.

Go with the deals wherever they are: When you are open to all options, you shall not be disappointed. Across places like Georgia, Oregon, Florida, Portland, Miami, Savannah, Key West, Seattle and similar more places have 10% cheaper prices as compared to 2014. Try business cities such as Minneapolis or Dallas, they clear out the business hotels on memorial day and you can live there at much lesser price. Try them and you will get bookings easily. Also, do not go for cruise at this time as you are required to do booking at least one week in advance and there is no room for last minute deals.

Go the social media way –  Always keep a track on social media platforms to know the deals. Especially, keep checking Twitter feed where major hotels and airlines post last minute deals. All you have to do is act fast and keep a smart track on these sites. In addition, you can try websites that particular specialize in last-minute offers providing cheaper options. Check out websites such as, and where you shall get information on expenses and availability.

Go off the grid – As per experts, national parks are the most value rich vacation spots in the U.S. If you are looking to save your pockets this can be a good memorial day trip. Even if you are booking at the last moment, you will easily get your chance as these national parks have 20% of their campground.

The highway – There are applications which specifically meant to get the best deals. You can check or HotelTonight.

Temperatures soar high, so do the travel plans this summer

Where are you planning your vacations this summer? Just as summers have arrived, people are already on their way to trips and excursions. A considerable rise has been seen in both domestic and international bookings. According to tour agencies and organizations, one may see between 20 to 25% escalation in the bookings. As a matter of fact, travelers are aiming to explore new places and tap on exchange profits to visit Europe (owing to fluctuating Euros).

Though foreign tours have been lower by a minimal ratio of 5to7% as compared to last year but on the flipside, the same has fueled the bookings for destinations with longer duration. Talking about Swiss tourism, there is a growth of 10% in the tourists from India. According to the reports, tourist are preferring adventure trips and opting for activities like helicopter ride to Jungfrau or para gliding at Interlaken. Various tourism boards from other countries are taking efforts to accelerate travelling activities. In recent times, foreign tourism companies have organized campaigns to boost more travelling like British and Hong Kong Tourism.

Surprisingly, it has been surveyed that a major number of travelers are looking out to travel to offbeat destinations. So much so, that at least 55% of travelers are looking out for something different. The desire to go to different travel spots has increased by approximately 25% from last year.

Coming to the domestic tours, you may see 20-25% increase in domestic travel where people want to go to places such as Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Kashmir, and Himachal Pradesh. Other popular destinations include Landsdowne, Yelagiri (Tamil Nadu), Khajjar (near Dalhousie), Jaipur, Goa, Nainital, Shimla, and Ooty. These places are a forever favorite of people and almost every year, one may see an escalated figure of tourists. Ideally, people prefer cold places to travel and take a relief. Travel agencies are offering major schemes and offers.

On a sad note, after Nepal Earthquake disaster, a major setback has been reported in the tourism sector of the country. Owing to the cancellations of Nepal packages, many people have opted to travel across Singapore and Bangkok. There are  immense places to travel and it is completely your choice which destination are you heading to. You have a ton of options this year. Where are you planning this summer?

Why content writing should be termed as business writing?

Writing is an art and calls for appreciation in all forms. With the effect of dot com burst and content revolution, somehow the value of writing has faded. Business minds want to capitalize on the talent and peddle it to the global gates. But my blog is targeted to another topic.

With coming of Search Engine Optimization and other online marketing ventures, the significance of writers has escalated to a higher magnitude. Almost every other SEO company looks for a writer. These writers who write keyword based content research and write about a product. The job is majorly referred as content writing. But why is the name like that? Why are we so reluctant in calling content writers as business writers?

I fail to fathom the logic of identifying a writer not as a business but content one. ‘Content’ writers do not write stories. They write business, they do business and they speak business through pen.  When it comes to online, writers pen down in multifaceted ways, to name a few:

  1. Marketing collaterals – flyers, brochures etc.
  2. Blogs
  3. Articles
  4. SEO content
  5. Social media content
  6. Product descriptions
  7. Website content
  8. Case studies
  9. Sales proposal
  10. Newsletter

The above are certain ways how writing activities are pursued. Almost all types of industries are optimizing on writers such as Information technology, telecom, Banking, Medical, Insurance etc. Each time, a writer develops a piece of content, it is mostly meant for a business purpose. They why not call them business writers? For what glory do we call them content writers?

Writing calls for extensive research and development and does not give birth to content overnight. It equally asks for a business bent of mind so that the writers understand the purpose of writing a piece. It’s high time, writers in the industry are given their due acknowledgment.