Make your Memorial Day travel plan right now!

If you haven’t made your memorial day plan, do it now. The day is just round the corner and finding booking at the most preferred places is tough. If you are looking for an affordable memorial day trip then you still have time. Just go with the tips and tricks in this news and get your best deal now.

It is important to schedule your memorial day trip right away before the deals run out.

Go with the deals wherever they are: When you are open to all options, you shall not be disappointed. Across places like Georgia, Oregon, Florida, Portland, Miami, Savannah, Key West, Seattle and similar more places have 10% cheaper prices as compared to 2014. Try business cities such as Minneapolis or Dallas, they clear out the business hotels on memorial day and you can live there at much lesser price. Try them and you will get bookings easily. Also, do not go for cruise at this time as you are required to do booking at least one week in advance and there is no room for last minute deals.

Go the social media way –  Always keep a track on social media platforms to know the deals. Especially, keep checking Twitter feed where major hotels and airlines post last minute deals. All you have to do is act fast and keep a smart track on these sites. In addition, you can try websites that particular specialize in last-minute offers providing cheaper options. Check out websites such as, and where you shall get information on expenses and availability.

Go off the grid – As per experts, national parks are the most value rich vacation spots in the U.S. If you are looking to save your pockets this can be a good memorial day trip. Even if you are booking at the last moment, you will easily get your chance as these national parks have 20% of their campground.

The highway – There are applications which specifically meant to get the best deals. You can check or HotelTonight.

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