Now click the “buy” button on Google to shop online


Google comes up with “buy” button in its search results to make users for more ease.

Here is a big news for all the people who love buying online. Google is coming up with “Buy” button that shall show up right next to the specific search results. It is big wave for the ecommerce industry. As per the chief business officer at Google, Kordestani, users shall be encouraged more to do online shopping. Despite the fact that ecommerce giants like Alibaba, eBay and Amazon, a meager 10% of online commercial transactions take place.

As per the reports, the users will get to find the buy button along with the paid advertisements which appear at first before the organic results under a heading i.e “Shop on Google.” Upon clicking, the user will be navigated to Google Shopping website. This is where the users will come to know in detail about the product and transaction. Google is not directly selling anything as it is going to associate with retailers who take the responsibility of orders and shipping. On the other hand, Google keeps the information regarding payment away from the retailers.

Google will be giving important information like email IDs, mailing addresses and other details only if the customer gives consent. Google shall be earning from the money received from the advertisements listed at the top of the search engine results. Google aims to earn not from retail items but the ads. Go online today!

Pic courtesy – Google


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