Holy Quran Is The Niche Of Islam

Holy Quran is the medium of guidance towards realizing right and wrong

Ramadan, tqurancoverhe holy month of fasting is going on and Muslims across the globe are observing this period. As per Muslims, holy Quran confirms that everything was revealed to the past messengers involving Ismail, Moses, Isaac, Prophets Abraham, Jesus and Jacob. For Muslims, holy Quran stands to be the soul and heart of their religion. It is the base of Islam, considered to be the wisdom of god. As per Muslims, holy Quran is the final testament by God to the humans spread through Prophet Mohammed.

Ramadan is considered to be the holy period and is the month when holy Quran was sent as guidance to the mankind about right and wrong. The Quranic verse explains that people should not only read the holy Quran and but also implement in their daily lives. Get more information on the holy Quran here http://bit.ly/1IZpof4

Allah says Ramadan is a guide to the mankind

The Holy Quran is a culmination of various other revealed Books. Quran is the first religious book which involves belief in different revelations. As per the holy Quran, Allah says that Ramadan is the month when Quran was sent down (2:185). Allah has even stated the precise date and month of the revelation. Allah’s verses help one to get closer to Allah, it is a form of worship. It involves an in-depth study of the verses being thought over. It is more like a person who has read a book, has memorized and that he understands what the author intends to. Know more about Ramadan here http://bit.ly/1Lp9Dl0

Every Muslim should read the holy Quran everyday

The holy Quran is considered to be the very basis of Islam and it highly depends on the preservation and propagation of the Quran. Considered to be the base of the existence of faith, the message in the holy Quran is eternal. Prophet Mohammed said, “The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.”

This is why Muslims are guided and always encouraged to read the Holy Quran without fail every day and especially in the Holy month of Ramadan. To every Muslim out there, reap all the benefits of Ramadan, recite the holy Quran in this auspicious month along with the translations. Just do not read, implement the guidance in your daily lives. Embrace the holy Quran today.

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