10 things you should never say to a content writer

I work as a senior content writer for an IT company and have had my share of very funny  experiences in my several years ofwriter 1 work tenure. My profession often sounds something fantasy kind to many. Content writing is just not writing on a thing but content management in all in all. It involves research, writing, communicating and extensive content development. I thought of penning down the things I have often heard from my colleagues and people I have worked with. This piece doesn’t intend to hurt anyone rather, it is a satire with a strong message. Hope, you like it and fellow content writers are able to relate with it. Take a look:

  1. You must be very intelligent – Like yes, Einstein used to take classes from me and still, I was underpaid. Hence, I am a content writer today. A lot of people presume that if we are professionally ‘content writers’ then definitely we have intelligence flowing in our DNA. We don’t breathe air, we inhale and exhale words. It is just a major tendency of people to think that way or see us as pseudo intellectuals. We don’t wear specs always or speak big things or wear something arty sharty to fit in the shoes of a content writer. It is just that our profession sounds like one.
  1. You must have been a topper all throughout – Because I write, I automatically become a topper no matter how many tubs of tears my parents shed on seeing my grades. I was never even an inch closer to the territory of toppers, I was an untouchable. Writing came naturally to me since I was 16 and loved penning down poems or anything that amused me. That is how writing bug bit me hard and after several hardships and failures, I reached somewhere and I think, still there is a long way to go. Content writing is vast and requires a strong business mind along with a tenacity to understand marketability of a product and audience.
  1. You must be just reading reading all your life – Ah! Heavens! I have spent my lifetime in doing so. Yes, I accept I read and I hope all writers across the globe must be doing so. And not only writers, but also everybody should make it a practice to read. It helps you learn about the world, people and society. 
  1. Oh, content writer, which is your favorite book? – In connection with the above point, it is not always book that we read. Do you think someone who voraciously follows ‘Mills and Boons’ can develop content on Java and Drupal? When it is reading, one is supposed to follow various websites for healthy reading and learning like Harvard Business Review, Mint, The Guardian, Outlook etc. 
  1. You must be using only MS Word – I am the ambassador of MS Word and assist Nadella in secret. I do not know software, I do not understand what illustrator, Adobe, CMS, Flash are meant for. Content is always incomplete without good design and a dash of flamboyance. No one would like to read an elongated essay of 500 words with no graphics or design. Today is the age of infographics where content goes hand in hand with lustrous designs and sometimes animation too. That is how we lure our client you see. Otherwise, no one likes us.
  1. We are illiterates, we know nothing, only you know everything – This mostly comes from the designers we are made twins with. Like Siamese twins seriously! The designers even though graduates, postgraduates or diploma holders with considerable work experience often come up with such statements. Hey you designers, did you ever hear me saying, “I am illiterate, I don’t understand design and I am color blind.” We appreciate our jobs, our education and maintain a dignity while rendering our duties. We expect the same from you. Designers should never be taunting because it gives a sign that they are insecure. Creating content requires both writers and designers in unison so that a creative piece of product comes up. 
  1. You wrote ‘iwth’ instead of ‘with’, OMG! Such a worldly sin, you should be hanged – Yes, I am the god of spellings! I am human and making mistakes is unintentional thing. For what glory, will I change ‘and’ into ‘dna’? We work in pressure and need to be very imaginative with the content development at the same time. There are probable chances to miss out on a word or two though not always. So, never make a hullabaloo and blow the issue beyond proportion if we make a mistake unwantedly, be patient. You never know in what thought process, circumstances or pressure, the writer developed the content.
  1. You must be copying and pasting – Of all the things in the world, I had to hear this. Writers do not ‘copy and paste’, it is a sin for them in real sense. If someone does then he is doing it wrong. Writing is a tough job and requires peace of mind, good thought process and understanding of the product. This requires research. When I say research, I mean research in literal terms. Can a degree holder in English literature write a note on rocket science? No, until he or she reads about it. This is where research comes into the picture. Anyway, there are strict laws made on plagiarism, it is nearly difficult for anyone to do something evil like that.
  1. Is content writing your hobby since childhood?– How on Earth can content writing be a hobby since childhood? It is writing. I repeat, writing. Someone who is growing up will like activities like singing, dancing, writing etc. He cannot be like ‘love classical singing from day 1 on Earth’. Content writing is a profession and content writer is a designation and the job requires a business blend of mind. The person cannot do this from childhood.
  1. I have to write two sentences as a response to someone, please help me – Are you this feeble that you cannot write two sentences on your own? It is very disappointing that often at work places, people do not take an extra effort to hone themselves rather they want to cash on the writers available. Take a determination today to learn and implement writing in your daily practice. A content writer needs to distract from her daily scores of work and deadline to write those two ‘not so important’ sentences.


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10 thoughts on “10 things you should never say to a content writer

  1. OMG!!! I had been seeking for a blog fully based on content writing as I’m working as a freelance writer at the moment. Here I’m… And I really laughed out loud while reading the 6th and 8th points. Quite funny indeed. 😀 😀

    ~ Rahul


  2. Awesome! You nailed it. I myself am a content writer and very often I have come across people who make such generalizations about us. I remember I had joined a company in a remote city as a content writer. The fact that I had relocated for such a position surprised many. In one of my conversations with a roommate’s relative, he asked me “what do you do”. l told him I do content writing. His response was “Wo toh theek hai, uske alawa kya karti ho”. 😛 I did not know what to say and how to explain.


  3. Nicely written, though I feel it is quite mellow. Maybe I am quite a scorpion’s sting when rebuking nincompoops. But very mildly and using satire, you’ve done a good job!


  4. Nicely written Debbie. Just that, since I have that socially misfit scorpion’s sting in my mouth while lashing out at nincompoops, I found yours to be polite and venting out, both at the same time. Very aptly shows the amount of miscontent.Looking forward to many more pieces of jurious.


    1. Hey girl! Thank you for reading. I was mellow yes, because dint really want to blow things out of proportion as to the people it targets, they are still not taking efforts. A lot of people find it cool to taunt at writers just at the drop of a hat in content. And that is sad. We don’t really expect this from educated and experienced people.


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