Opposites attract!

The other day I saw Pyar Ka punchnama 2 and found it amazing. I was in complete splits and so was the audience. And oh my lord! There were these many pink variations on this Earth? PKP 2 taught many things which a girl of my age should knew it. Good lord! Luv Ranjan enhanced my general knowledge for pink. girls vs boys

Just when I was done with wiping my tears off my face, syncing in the movie on my mind and registering the punches so that I could share it the next day in office, I had a few questions. They were:

  • Why is it that these Pyar ka punchnama 2 guys never bump into Pikus?
  • Why is it that a guy easily falls for a girl from a posh apartment clubbing in Gurgaon or Vasant Kunj and not in one of his office cabins?
  • Why is it, a girl who works in a ‘BPO’ finds it tough to break the news of her guy to dad?
  • Why is it that after swapping card in first few intervals, the guy still doesn’t get it that the girl is simply having the money?
  • Why is it that a guy with 3 lacs package a month loses his brain after ‘oh-those-abs’ spectacle?

And like that my questions go on and on, enough to rip the script apart. Though the movie had everything that you want, libido inflicted romance, style, dialogues, looks etc. but I think this was said and done already in part one. I would have been happy if the sequel had something for a change.

By change, I mean guys falling for the real women. I know that doesn’t sound nice. Wonder, even if it exists. But, if Pikus can exist why not Onler Kom? (Mary Kom’s husband and also the character from the movie). After watching Pyar ka punchnama 2, I realized ‘opposites attract’ in real sense.

Visualize this, a sensible guy; an engineering graduate who earns whopping 3 lacs a month loses his mind at a gym. On a personal note, men are not that dumb. I know a lot of men who don’t let go their wisdom to 36-24-36. Not all girls are in nail spas all the time, some are busy paying the bills and not all men are swapping the cards for their illustrious affair. I have no offenses to girls leading a posh lifestyle with no liabilities. They were brought up like that. It’s not their fault that they have a fortune. So if Chiku said, “Main restaurant kharid ke uske muh par maarti”, she knew she could do it easily. In the similar way, she easily gets guys. Did I tell how many rich girls are fooled around in the name of love and somewhere seen swapping the card more than their guys do. So there are all types of people. Girls paying the bills, men doing the chores, so on and so forth.

When I watched Piku last time, I realized the amount of gratitude I owe to Shoojit Sircar. What a masterpiece did he create! Piku was beyond Plazzos, Kurtas and constipation. It was a befitting answer to a lot of people who question a single girl’s ‘free’ life. By free, I mean people claiming single girl’s life to be free of responsibilities, liabilities etc.  I know so many people have commented on my single status with the following:

  • “How easy your life is?”
  • “Oh! Not married! So lucky you are”
  • “Single! Wow! No responsibilities”

Piku demonstrated the real life of a girl who is busy taking care of her aging father, doing the household chores, managing a job and controlling her ambitions of settling down. They are not Mary Koms or Mardaanis, they are plain Jane girls working hard to get salary on time, give the EMIs, do the taxes etc. Soaked in routines, Pikus and Onlers are busy making a living. It is important to get attracted to the right person. But, in this world of materialism, when iPhone matters more than the kidney, when Gucci means more than basic clothing, you know somewhere we have screwed up.

Imagine, had Choka been in love with Piku, what a glorious love story it would have been!  Pikus exist, Onlers do as well.

Picture courtesy – Can Stock


5 thoughts on “Opposites attract!

  1. Awesome! you nailed it. Real girls do exist like real men. Not everyone can make Piku and it is not easy either to be one. But Yes, Pikus inspire way more than bimbos. And you are right, rich girls are also swindled by boys and many pay bills. Wish more directors had the brains and the guts to do research and make a lighthearted movie on the subject.


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