Tamasha – Movie review

19_09_2015-tamasha_ranbirNo matter how picturesque is your film, it never compensates a poor script. That’s Tamasha for you! It is a good film with both positive parts and major loopholes. To begin with, let me speak the positive aspects of the movie.

You are two – Each time you watch Imtiaz Ali direction, you are immediately split into two. One, who is struggling in traffic, paying bills, earning everyday bread and the second who wants to paint, sing or act, the one you have been curbing inside. There is something so kosher about Ali, his scripts and his thoughts to shake people from the inside.

Ranbir Kapoor – I have always been a fan of his for the acting skills. The way he dilutes a character in himself, the way he delivers dialogues, and his talent in dancing – a complete package. Most importantly, the way he delivers those key details, for instance throwing the books off the table and again picking them up because he knew it was an obligation or crying as he reaches back his room. He showed the struggle he has been through and how his passion keeps overshadowing every society based system or what we call it a ‘race’.

Corsica – Just as the movie started, I felt if the movie was a big TVC for tourism in Corsica. But then when you are watching Imtiaz Ali direction, you are bound to have a virtual trip. No wonder, the place is beautiful and definitely seems to be another sure shot honeymoon destination in 2016.

Drive for passion – I don’t think if there is any other film maker who really shakes the conscience in you and tells you that you have a passion and you should pursue it.  The film takes you deep down in your heart, channelizes your thoughts and makes you ask “is this what you wanted?”

A piece of art – I whole heartedly appreciate the filmmaker for his eye to detail. It was such a beautiful delight. The film takes you through the old world charm architecture, gardens, staircase laden with plants and flowers, people clad in traditional attire, processions, and a plethora of scenic beauty. In every angle, every shot, you could feel a charm of its own. Same goes for the detailing integrated in the scenes taken in India. The cinematographer deserves brownie points for capturing Hauz Khas, and others parts of Delhi so beautifully.

Those negative points

Crossing the line – Is it possible for two good looking people from different genders decide not to cross the line even after staying in one place? Did Ali refer to “Not always the same story” with this?

Connotation – Just as the movie starts, you are thrown a good number of shots right from Ramayana to some excerpt in Bible. May be it gets little tough to comprehend the first part rather first 45 minutes. Quite possible within when people easily judge a film and call it a bore or complex.

Those dragging moments – This is in connection to the aforementioned point. In places, it felt like an ongoing process, the Ramayana scenes or the robot. Or may we have become a little less patient. Rising intolerance I must say.

Not always the same story, still the same story – It is palpable that we are born to fall in love. Given a picturesque location behind, a good looking arm candy and money to eat at plush restaurants, likeness happens. But why one loses his job while the girl remains intact at her work? Of all the things, why? Why not a girl this time who loses everything to purse her passion?

I will recommend this movie to all those how look beyond things in life, their passion, their will to break the stereo type and become unique. If you are looking for mundane song and dance, action, thrill or may some cliché Hindi saga, this movie is not for you!

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