Chennai floods – the mark of tolerance

There is no Romeo Juliet kind love for South India but this post is just an explanation of what integrity and humanity mean.Temple-429x310

Had it been North in the same calamity, people would have ripped apart each other for money, food and shelter. The current disaster in Chennai reminds me of Uttarakhand crisis when several cases of loot and molestation were reported. So much so, that even people took away gold ornaments and money from dead bodies.

While I kept myself updated with Chennai news, I also observed how people stood in unison with each other to meet the crisis. Taking a small example, where food packets were being delivered on terraces and woman waved hand to say no to any more packet delivery. Such an extraordinary gesture!

Not just common men and women bur celebrities like Madhavan and Siddharth who are selflessly volunteering in various relief works. It is outstanding on their part and displays amount of respect they have for their origins.

There is a lot one can learn from Chennai people at this hour of crisis and pain. My heart goes out to all who are struggling for basic amenities and survival. I know it is going to be another set of stressed task to come back to regular life where people will have to spend a fortune on their damaged property, house and things. Hope everything gets back to the same shape as before.

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