What job switches teach you?

The other day, while contemplating life, I wondered I have done so many job switches. Was it really worth? How will I ever face the bombarding questions by future employers? In this chaos of thoughts, I felt these switches taught me life. Keeping that in mind I have penned down some points which shall tell you why job switches aren’t that bad. All those who have been through this, do read and let me know if you feel the same.

  1. Types of work cultures – Every organization that you work with has its own way of leading its functions. The culture involves company’s timings, shifts, human resource, premises, location etc. So working for a start up and a well established company differ at a large magnitude. Let me share an experience of mine. Once upon a time, I worked with a start up that was self funded and was nestled in one BHK flat (it was given an office look and shape and the washroom was common). I remember the days when there was no water supply and we were asked to leave work by 5 in the evening and look out for other avenues to meet the nature’s call. Since, I used to be an early bird, I was given the office keys to take care of. So, the moment I would enter the office, the maid and the litter collector would follow me. They even asked me for pay once. But, this wasn’t the case when I worked with a brand. Even at an executive level, I had the luxury to get treated with respect and with all the amenities I could have asked for.
  2. Diversity of races, people and cultures – Now, I can say that I have friends from all walks of life, country and globe. I would have never known people from close, if ‘work’ never happened in life. It is my work experience which has developed my hobby to explore surnames, diverse cultures, festivals and languages. In the current landscape of employment when every fourth Indian is working for US or UK markets, somewhere we all are working in unison to lead the project and materialize it. It is different kinds of people, why I learnt how it is running for home during weekends, battling IRCTC, honing English to fit in the work culture, bonding with people etc. Also, job switches taught me types of people in terms of behavior. I learnt how shrewd can people be and how selfish and buttering they can get. Would you learn all that, had you not worked?
  3. Types of protocols and methodologies – Enterprises develop on stern niche of principles and ethics. These principles and ethics differ from one organization to another. One may support sandwich leave and the other may not. One may have contractual based work while other may not even have probation period. One may give cab after 8 PM while other may not. If you have worked in both, you have developed your own flexibility, you are no more rigid. You understand that in any employment, you are a matching fit and easily adjust. When I say adjust, I am not directing towards compromising.
  4. Work profiles – In one of the organizations that I started to work with, I realized they didn’t have HR. They didn’t feel the need. The processes were taken care of by the respective department managers because simply collecting documents didn’t require personnel. I remember a receptionist handling the job of administration, HR and reception – all three in one. This is how sometimes, companies save cost and extract work from one resource. The employee in this situation becomes one man army for various works. He or she develops expertise in handling several activities all together. I am not recommending such a criteria because it creates stress too. But even if once you have worked in such a situation, it will someday add more colors to your personality as an employee – someone who will handle multitasking both in personal and professional life.
  5. Individual development – Job teaches you so much that no other thing can. A lot of people have this tendency to take up business because they can’t work under anyone. But what working under a strict master and acute work pressure teaches you, nothing in this world can. Such a strict work environment may create stress but if you take it positively, it teaches you discipline and helps you organize your activities in proper synchronization. At least, once in life work in acute pressure, under strict deadline and a tyrant master, take all of this as a challenge; nothing will move your core conscience ever.


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