North Indian Wedding – Food

North Indian wedding is incomplete without food. Rather it is the charm of a wedding that makes people happy. Find out all the interesting things you find at weddings with regards to food. Hope you like it:

Geography of food stalls – Will you go to a wedding where the invitation card doesn’t mention ‘Preeti Bhoj’? There is a point in doing so. Indian weddings and food go like Siamese twins. With the passing time, way of presenting food has changed. Earlier, one wouldn’t see too much variety but now the food section looks like some fancy art exhibition. Even simple steamed rice has 5 varieties – rice with peas, rice with some color, rice with coriander leaves etc.

Food stalls have their own chronology. Just as you enter, on your left you might find ‘snacks part 1’. This section is just like rough work before you see some finalized work later. These days, snacks involve some peculiar looking spring rolls, finger chips and empty sections because children ripped the waiter apart who was taking care. Still, eat whatever comes your way. Now, keep moving. Here comes the boss of snacks – snacks part 2. The sections start with mandatory gol gappa, tikki, dahi bhalla, cheela, muradabadi daal, pao bhaji and followed by other not so significant items. The main course food is kept at a distance, you may require time to search or you can take a rickshaw as well.

The main course food is an elaborate affair and is usually put up in a hall. This hall looks like as if some show is going to happen. Even though you enter, someone will tell you some beautiful lady in skirt is waiting for you to give plates. This is true but she isn’t nearby that is when the hide and seek game begins. No one will tell you that this lady has nestled her warehouse a mile away from the food hall. Search till you realize among so many strangers, a mystical looking beautiful woman is sheepishly smiling at you. Yes, there she is! Go, fight for your rights now – your plate. These plates might weigh more than you and the complimentary tissue can be used as a towel. Finally, when you are ready with the luggage at the food hall – ATTACK! Put in everything you get. For paneer particularly, it is a thumb rule to filter all the paneer in your plates and leave no morsel for the next person in queue.  Take papad, achar, dal makhni, unbreakable naan, and customary food you could find and assemble them on your plate. Eat them till you are ready to waste at least half of it.

Take a break – Once you have taken every grain of snacks, take a break. Chase some waiter who is throwing tantrums for not coming towards you. Show some dignity and still chase him. Once, you have filled your tanker with massive amount of snacks, take a mini stroll around the food hall, gaze at chamko chamko saree, contemplate the irrelevant light bulbs, study the fancy yet complex decorations, see maniacs at the DJ or take a selfie. If all of that gets over, rewind till your tummy is ready for another yummy. Just go ahead, and eat what comes your way.

Divide your human resource and survey what is new– When will your friends and cousins come to your rescue if not in weddings? The moment you enter the venue, throw your men at all angles possible. Keep the younger one around you not because he will get lost but he will fetch you the cold drinks. Let two cousins stroll the golgappa section, their job is to tell you if the aunties have left the vendor and the gol gappa wala is still alive to offer you some. Let other two cousins go around the bride and groom and inform you if traffic is less and you can get a picture with them. Whatever remaining cousins or friends you are left with, just assign them to click your pictures.

Always make it a priority to check the menu and the latest entrants. No matter how new a food item is, go for same dal makhni, naan, chole, dahi bada et al. That is the custom.

Do not disturb fruits – They are the most ignored part of the entire food saga at the weddings until an overtly health focused creature starts trotting around fruits. The fruits might look at you like orphans and you are not supposed go all sympathetic. Attend them when you are done with everything. Look at them like a set of puppies laying in search of mother. Eat the fanciest one. These days Indian weddings are experimenting with fruits that have ‘firang’ look and feel as in not mundane apple and banana. This is how fruits are going to entice you towards them. Go till you wish to not eat anything else.




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