10 things parents should stop doing

Parents are the most beautiful things someone can receive. No matter what goes wrong, parentsthey are going to be by your side always. But here is the catch – Not always children are wrong and not always parents are correct. On that note, I have written ten things that parents should stop doing. I have no offenses to anyone and by any chance I am hurting, I apologize. Hope you will like it.

  1. Comparing to other children – A lot of parents have a tendency to consistently compare their children to others. Possibly, parents have no idea what kind of other children are and what all they do in real life. Many children do activities in parents’ unawareness that are breaking all ethics and values of society. Your children could be far better and civilized in many ways and may be you are not able to realize it.


  1. Talking about death – We know parents are growing old and feeling low about it is natural. It is extremely important to be positive and happy at this stage. Parents should stop complaining and saying ‘oh! My time has come’, ‘just few more days’, ‘I am anyway old’, ‘I am done with life’ etc. Parents have no idea what kind of negativity are you creating in the environment. Stop doing this right now and rather enjoy every moment with your children.


  1. Putting down own child in public – Parents sometimes tend to make fun of their own children in public. Usually, it is light hearted but many a times it is threatening to children as they get bullied by their peers later. Parents should be just optimistic about their children and encourage them for their talents.


  1. Talking negative and doubting child’s character – As the child grows up, his circle of friends expand and his way of interaction with them does too. Your son could be still, an annoying teenager to you, but he is a 28 years old man to his office colleagues and friends. Parents have no idea the kind of work pressure he is going through or the competition he is battling with someone. Current job scenario is way too different and challenging at the same time. Parents should treat him in the most positive manner and ‘respect’ his personality and interpersonal skills in public. He could be friends with several women due to work or social interactions; he is necessarily not going around with all of them. Same goes for parents who have daughters. Your child’s dignity is in your hands.


  1. Imposing own choices on child – This happens mostly in case of marriage. Respect your child’s preferences and believe in listening to them. Searching for alliances isn’t bad but valuing your child’s capabilities is more important. If your child is saying no to someone, quite possible that your son or daughter discovered something wrong and preferred to reject it. Appreciate the decision and support. If you won’t support, no one will do.


  1. Comparing old times to the new – Times change and so do the generations. Current breed is driven by technology, social media and complex relationships. You just cannot compare yours with today’s life. Stop saying ‘we used to do this, you cannot even do this much’ etc. You have no idea the kind of struggles your child is going through in the outside world and you are probably unaware of it. There could be several untold battles your child has won.


  1. Believing gossip mongers – Before believing a random relative you meet once a year, just for once have a ‘one-o-one’ talk with your son/daughter. May be the story is totally different because every coin has two sides. Believe in your child first and defend him. And if your child is at fault, leave no stone unturned in confronting him and giving him the required dose of punishment.


  1. Over the top praising child in public – This is applicable on selective parents who praise their children beyond any length or width. This tends to develop overconfidence in the child and he or she tends to think too high about himself or herself. This affects the environment and leads nowhere.


  1. Pestering on doing excessive religious activities – When adversity strikes, people tend to direct themselves towards spirituality. Your child may have different preferences and may not want to follow the godman you do. Before blindly following any spiritual activity, first analyze your Karma and your way of handling things. Most of the times, we are at fault for our own sufferings. We should correct them first. Worshipping is beautiful but appreciating your child’s outlook towards it is more important. There is no value in doing something mechanical and expecting good fortune out of it.


  1. Being careless towards health –Last but most important – health. Parents should understand that they are growing old and that they should take utmost care of their health issues. Parents tend to take many things lightly and suffer much later. Understand your children are excessively worried for you. Regular health checkups are vital and good food habits too. If you are not well, your children may find it difficult to concentrate at work.


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