Karma Vs Dharma

In a brief conversation with a priest, I came to know that devotees visiting the temple 5dd409_101fc5f7ac4949728dc556627354c960(nearby my house) often steal things like vessels, Hanuman Gada, etc. I found it funny! Scores people throng at the temple with umpteenth amount of prayers and aspirations. Wondered what was more important here? Karma or Dharma?

What makes people practice such activities?

  • Unawareness
  • Lack of belief
  • Ignorance
  • Lack of humanity

The other day, I went to an ancient temple in Ghaziabad.  The shrine is usually thronged by people in large number and guarded by a number of police officers. I noticed, a police constable spit at the entry gate from where the queue starts and people stand bare feet.  Wondered what was more important here? Karma or Dharma?

Each year 2 lakh liters of milk is wasted across 10 temples in the cities every year. With lakhs and lakhs of people going to sleep without food, the milk is definitely stands as a piece of irony. In the similar order, immense goods, water and other edible products are wasted in the name of spirituality. The question – what is more important Karma or Dharma?

We all are living in this planet with a purpose to live harmoniously. Cinema, culture, food and people, everything depicts a certain story. Story of hard work, learning, research and much more! I wonder how people do not learn from all these things and ape the crowd. DO NOT FOLLOW THE WORLD. RATHER SERVE THE WORLD.

The happiness you will reap upon feeding a poor could be way more monumental than poring liters of milk on Shiva linga.


Pic courtesy – Google


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