Oh! Silly you!

Part 1

Kapoors were finally on a holiday this time. Finally! Navneel was packing bags along with his family. It was a trip after so many years with dad, mum, sister and her husband. The family was TOGETHER. Navneel was just out ofBarbary-on-Lake-Taupo college and was yet to find out his goals. Though, everybody knew he was game freak and loved being on his phone across the day. The entire day consumed him in playing games, chatting and networking.

Ritu, Navneel’s mother was mostly annoyed with her son’s habit. She would frequently ask him to keep the phone away and socialize. After boarding the flight, Navneel decided to take a nap for an hour till the attendants would allow people to switch on mobiles again.

Part 2

Picturesque New Zealand was here.

Lush green meadows, clear blue sky, birds chirping and scores mountains at various distances, the place had abundance to offer. The travel package all that Kapoors had put in checklist – sightseeing being the primary.

Navneel was on phone. Nayna (Navneel’s sister) was juggling with here attires while her husband fiddled with the DSLR camera. The parents on the other hand decided to eat snacks and leave for travel at the earliest.

“For god’s sake, leave that phone. See the world beta!” Cried Ritu.

“Yea!” Navneel answered with his head down almost piercing the screen.

Part 3

Navneel was still busy in updating his checkins, managing comments, Whatsapping, changing DPs, playing games so on and so forth. Hours and hours, minutes after minutes and days after days, Navneel was updating his virtual friends with what he was upto.

Rest of the Kapoors were on crazy mode. They took deep breathes, laughed like crazy, clicked pictures, basked under the sun and ate fresh fruits. They couldn’t have asked for more.

Part 4

Nayna while boarding their flight back felt sad. She and her husband planned their second trip keeping New Zealand on mind.

“I can’t keep my mind away from those blue waters of Lake Tuapo and those mountains.” Sighed a mesmerized Nayna.

“Mountains? What mountains?” Inquired a curious Navneel.

Everybody flabbergasted at the question.

“Oh! Silly you!” Said Nayna with a complete thwarted look.





Picture courtesy – Internet


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