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pulkit 2In the current economic landscape, start-ups hold a very strong share. Every third young man or a woman has novel idea trotting around his mind. If you think, the young brigade is only thinking about money, you are utterly wrong. They are concentrating on bringing something novice to the market that in some way contributes to the common masses. Few successful ventures include Ola, Flipkart, Facebook, Oyo Rooms, etc.

This time, I have come up with an interview of a young man who wanted to bring health, hygiene, and taste into attention. Thus, he came with an idea to make and sell fresh fruit juices and other beverages. Pulkit Arora – a corporate slave in past and a dynamic entrepreneur today, he has taken his start-up venture Jux Pux to another level of success and spirit. From 50 sq.ft in CP to 2500 sq.ft space in corporate locations, this guy is going places within a span of 1 year. Read about him and know how he did it.

I am eager to know what drove you to have a business of your own?

Let me share an incident. I was 15 when I made a playlist of songs and the list included Bryan Adams, Coldplay, Madonna, Ronan Keating and many more. This was the list that I wanted to play in my ‘upcoming’ restaurant. So, you can imagine how crazy I was to have an enterprise of my own. Basically, I wanted to do something of my own that wouldn’t make me stick to 9 to 6 cycle of frustration. And definitely, I wanted to have something of my own that socially (by creating jobs) and economically contributed to the market.

I certainly see that streak of entrepreneurship in you. But you did work for corporates, didn’t you? Was quitting your job easy?

(Giggles) Is it ever easy to let go your steady bread and butter? It isn’t. Same story here Debashri. Beginnings are always tough. I didn’t want to begin like an over-confident, and unprepared guy ready to hit the market. That way, I would have been a flop. I started with fulfilling my parents’ aims first – degree, and job. While I worked, I kept my dreams of entrepreneurship alive and yes, my market research. So, when I was finally quitting my job, I had no regrets. I knew my map was ready and I just had to kick start.

pulkit 1

What kind of homework did you do?

I did hardcore market research by studying books, online articles, surveys, and statistics. In addition, I spoke to senior people who have been in the industry for several years. I gathered as much knowledge, I could. I also studied about the pros and cons and how one should meet with atrocities. My homework involved:

  • Making recipes
  • Preparing my own business model
  • Creating market strategies
  • Doing brand establishment
  • Franchise ownerships

The very first thing from the list that I actually did was creating recipes (laughs). I did all these research 1 year prior to starting my business. I made sure, I was aware of every tip and trick of the business so that I give no chance to loopholes.

You seem to be a wise player. Aren’t you? But why did you choose fresh juices and beverages of all? Why food and drinks section – the most competitive one?

I walk through flea markets and see people selling juices in the most unclean conditions. This irks me. I concentrated on bringing in something that was healthy and hygienic. In an era, where junk food and good health are juxtaposing each other, I wanted to give something that was tasty, healthy and hygienic. We do not believe in serving conventional flavors and instead, we focus on mixing and giving options (customization) so that the customer can customize the food as per their taste.

As a matter of fact, we have tie-ups with suppliers who provide us with ingredients made in international standards. So, we keep a close eye on quality and cleanliness. So, coming back to your question, I would say I knew the sector I was venturing into. The concept of Jux Pux is unique and I knew I was most capable in it. I knew how will I handle the adversities if ever god forbid I happen to see.

Start-up has its own dynamics. What does your research say?

When I started Jux Pux in 2015, I was loaded with information. As I started, all the information with additional knowledge started flowing on a practical basis. Every start-up has its three phases:

  • 1st Year – Investment
  • 2nd Year – Stability
  • 3rd Year – Brand building

I am in the 2nd phase and concentrating on the stability part which is going as per my marketing strategies. There is a long way to go in the business and I am burning midnight oil to pursue the same.

You have managed to achieve constructive success in one year? Would you describe the success story?

God’s grace that is. In March’2015, we acquired our first outlet (50 sq.ft) in the 6th most expensive market in the world (Connaught Place) as per CBRE survey. Later, we had in Agra. Now, Jux Pux is in Ghaziabad, Hyderabad and Bangalore. From 50 sq.ft space in Connaught Place to 2500 sq.ft in one of the top IT companies in Hyderabad, we have come pretty far. It was my stint in Agra, when I joined hands with Simran Jeet Singh (Co-founder) and Nipun Bhardwaj (Co-founder and head of operations). Since then we have been together and Jux Pux is expanding steadily.

I am feeling very inquisitive about the name – Jux Pux. What does it mean? 

Pic courtesy – internet

Pure juices with X factor.

Any interesting incident?

Once, a typical Delhi guy walked into our outlet. He asked for Naariyal Paani/Coconut water, so I started doing the hard work of peeling the coconut. Just when I was engrossed in the work, he bluntly said, “Bhaisaab! I want the ones kept in fridge.” (laughs) So, you can imagine, the kind of people I get to meet.

I can only imagine the extremities you get to see. Do your parents sometimes ask you weird questions about your start-up? How did they react?

They do ask questions but not to extremes. My parents were supportive. Though, my mother was little skeptical initially but she got convinced after she saw my first outlet. To be honest, during my preparation time, I didn’t tell my parents about my plans for a start-up. It was much later that I spilled the beans and my father and brother supported wholeheartedly.

You also own Dreamers’ Café. Would you like to share what it is?

Yes, of course. It is a part of Jux Pux itself that caters space, food and beverages to people looking for office location for their start-ups. Partly, it is taken care by one of our key investors. Based out of Asaf Ali Road in New Delhi, Dreamers’ Cafe is a roof top location and it gives lot of space and peace to people working to have an enterprise of their own.

What are your future plans?

Corporate tie-ups and extending our list of food items. We are in talks with a few corporate firms and hoping to see our presence in their office spaces soon. Talking about the food items, we are planning to bring in lot of salads, sandwiches and other healthy stuff to people.

What suggestions would you give to people planning to have a start-up of their own?   

Hard work, hard work and more hard work. And most importantly, do not expect. Things will fall in place on their own. Make sure, the business you are putting your hands into has something unique to offer. Last but not the least, keep in mind the backup plan of next three years to meet any unforeseen situation.

Finally, me with the young turk

Jux Pux, an out of the box name accompanied by energetic techies is purely an example of sheer passion and dedication. It specializes in serving cold & hot beverages like shakes, smoothies, lemonades, flavored lassi, flavored tea, coffee, hot milk and others. In order to compliment beverages, the menu has quick bites as an icing on the top. The venture has been appreciated by one of the top 25 Indian companies for its quality and it has rewarded a space for Cafe Lounge within their campus.

You can reach Pulkit at following:

Phone no.: 09711752015

Email Id: pulkit@juxpux.com

Know more about Jux pux here: http://juxpux.com/


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