Bullying – root and cause

The other day, I came across a petition on child bullying in school. I came to know about a

Courtesy – Unbelievable facts

child committing suicide because he was being incessantly bullied by his classmates. It was a disturbing news. Bullying, many a times starts from home itself way before school and college. A lot depends on the way parents, elder siblings and relatives treat the child. If he or she is consistently being made fun of, put down in public, being aped or being abused, there are chances that the child will grow into a troubled student at school. It will get eventually difficult for him to survive among peers.

Let me share an incident of my own. I was 13 or 14 when I made chapattis for the first time. As expected, they weren’t anything great. I first offered them to my mother who refused them citing the fact that I need to learn more. When I offered the same to my father, he had a different perspective. As he took the first bite, he was positive and still knew how to tell my mistakes. He said, “I love your initiative darling. They taste great. But just that you have to fine tune your culinary skills. All you need to do is make chapattis less thick from sides and you are ready to go.” His way of encouraging yet improving me was enough for me to make better chapattis the next time.

The same goes with several parents and family members in the society who tend to find pitfalls way too early in their child. It is important to always encourage the child and tell them what is wrong in their activity. Never do the following things:

  • Underestimating the child in public
  • Joining the crowd and making fun of your child
  • Don’t let an outside comment on your child’s character
  • Over the top praising the child

Bullied children struggle in their growing years and even fight a lot of unknown battles even after growing up. Extend love and compassion and understand that if you are not supporting your child, NO ONE ELSE WILL!

Also, it is important not to appreciate his mistakes. Never ever support the wrong activities he has done rather, expose him to the consequences that may have take place thereafter.

A child’s personality is usually inherited from either of parents and is widely influenced by the relationship parents hold between each other. If the couple doesn’t hold good rapport and one tends to put down another, there are chances it will directly hit the child’s mind. Such things lead to feeble development of a child or make him become violent – anything but extreme.

Every day, we come across news on child abuse and bullying. It is very upsetting to see children becoming prey to the wicked world. Develop self-confidence and high self-esteem in him. Make him love arts, and craft and most importantly, expose him to different cultures. The more your child observes, reads and explores, the more he will understand the world. These days, life is tough and competitive and children are way more advanced than before. Quick learning and pacing up are the thumb rules. But creating pressure on him will not lead anywhere.




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