Ghaziabad – city of garbage

Passing by the dingy lanes of Vijay Nagar, Ghaziabad I see a big club of garbage in every cleannook and corner. “There is so much filth”, I murmur and my cab mates nod their heads in affirmation. What amazes me is, how people manage to dwell in the same place for years and years. Is it, never a thought of changing the vicinity crosses their minds?

Every day, 62 million ton of garbage is generated by 377 million people putting up in urban India. As a matter of fact, we are world’s third largest garbage producer. What makes us garbage generator of all the laurels available? It is important to understand how prosperity is directly proportional to cleanliness. Following points are few reasons why we stand shamelessly high in dirt:

  • People and their attitude: No one cares actually. There is a peculiar attitude problem with people. No one wants to change. While I pass through Vijay Nagar, I realize how people manage to live their lives years after years in those ill managed lanes, and unbearable stink.
  • Careless littering and spitting: How many of us take a deep thought in realizing that throwing waste on road can cause unimaginable threat to the entire world. When garbage gets accumulated in a certain place and is not disposed of properly, it causes bacteria and several other germs to spread. Ever thought, why do our regions get affected by epidemics like Dengue, Malaria and similar more diseases so frequently? Think about it? Did you do anything? clean2
  • Lack of compassion: We lack compassion towards nature, city, nation and the entire world. There is something with the general behavior of people. I see people carelessly throwing water in such way that it gets accumulated in places, drilling grounds, not covering drainage holes, and similar more activities. We lack in understanding that when we begin, things tend to transform thereafter.
  • Lack of Initiation: How true? In my experience, I have hardly ever seen anyone taking an initiative to clean their environments. ‘Swach Bharat Abhiyan’ will only get successful when we all take initiatives on individual basis. Alone Modi cannot do everything. We have to understand that with each Indian taking an effort to keep his country clean shall immensely contribute to the nation as a whole.


Pic courtesy – Internet