What should you wear during Durga Puja and Diwali?

Durga puja and Diwali, both major festivals are over. I had a ball of time with family and friends and hope you did too. Festivals in India area mark of spirituality, oneness, ecstasy and DRESSING UP like never before.

Even the thought of writing a fashion blog puts me into splits but then I felt like writing one. Still, I thought of writing down a fashion blog on the trends that I followed which you can as well next time. Durga Puja is a four-day festival while Diwali is five days. I am going to talk about all four days of Durga Puja and Diwali night.

Shashti night: Durga Puja starts from Shashti night during Navratri. I opted for an

Shashti Night Look

orange Kurti (Shrishti) and cream colored Palazzos (Delhi Haat). I matched them with grapes like earrings that I bought from an art fair. Shashti night may be the first day of puja but it is not as grand as Ashtami so I will recommend simple Indo western wear for the night.


Saptami day and night: The day starts with giving Anjali to mother goddess and I would strongly

Saptami Day Look

recommend another simple attire. If you are married, sarees should be no less than a mandatory Indian dress. If single, you can experiment as much as you can. I chose a black cotton Kurta (from Reliance Trends) with red shiny pajami (ordinary shop) and silk dupatta (North East festival). I basically mixed and matched. Coming to accessories, I wore red colored Jhumkas with red beaded necklace. During night, I was out on Pandal hopping. I wore sleeveless Jacket Kurta (Jaypore) and clubbed it with leggings (Marks & Spencers). For accessories, I wore black Jhumkas. Keep Shashti and Saptami simple yet elegant and keep the best dresses in stock for Ashtami and Navami.

Saptami Night Look




Ashtami day and night: The best day of Durga Puja is this. I wore a silk saree (by a supplier from West Bengal) with mango prints and a sleeveless blouse. For accessories, I wore a red and golden heavily beaded necklace. The day time is exhaustive, so I would recommend people to try lighter sarees and makeup. A lot of married women wear traditional and famous red bordered white saree which is also called Gorod. I have even noticed women wearing gold jewelry.

Ashtami Day Look

If you are married, go for it and drape the saree in a traditional way and let the heads turn at you. For night, I wore a Bangalore silk saree (by a supplier from West Bengal) which I clubbed with yellow terracotta jewelry (taken from art and craft fair). The entire look was very vibrant and apt for a night like Ashtami. Go for a saree that has colors, prints and shine. A lot depends on your comfort level too.

Ashtami Night Look



Navami day and night: The last day of Puja is heavy on heart yet full of vigor and joy among people. I wore a long jacket kurta (by Vishudh) and white pajama (by Reliance Trends). I wore matching blue colored Terracotta jewelry. The look was very well accepted by people and appreciated. It gave a classy look all together. For night, I wore a pink colored net saree (by a supplier from West Bengal). The saree was exceptionally pretty and it made look all traditional. For accessories, I wore golden earrings that had south Indian design.

  1. imag0447
    Navami Day Look


    Diwali Night Look

    Diwali day and night: Bengalis observe Kali Puja on Diwali night. The day time, I wore a Kerala saree. Since, north India doesn’t appreciate a white saree so I complimented it with a printed green blouse. The blouse had boat neck and was lengthier than usual blouses. For the night, I wore a floral printed maxi dress (by Missa More Clothing) matched with orange palazzos (from Janpath). I wore orange beaded necklace and earrings. What a delight it was to eyes!

  2. c360_2016-10-31-18-24-28-213
    Diwali Day Look
    Diwali Night Look


All those fashion bloggers, hope this one doesn’t offend you. Hope, I was able to elaborate on the days and nights of festivity at best. Wear that is comfortable, unique and most importantly unique.


9 thoughts on “What should you wear during Durga Puja and Diwali?

  1. Babe…love all the looks as mentioned already to you.
    My favorite were those cream colored Palazzos, Jaypore jacket kurta, Vishudh long kurta and Kerela white saree and its blouse. Wood jwellery was highlight for me. I totally fell for it. You are doing amazing in style world too. Please write some more posts. Waiting …xoxo Mrssaripalli


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