10 things to keep in mind for active reading

While searching for an illustration for ‘reading’, I only came across pictures where

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subjects are reading books only. Reading as per Google search means “the action or skill of reading”. Reading could be anything. Reading is a beautiful gesture where every piece of written content counts, from Grihashobha, online articles to a novel by Dan Brown, reading is reading. As long as someone is able to draw value added lessons and information, reading will never go out of trend. I personally read lot of articles from Livemint, Harvard Business Review, TED etc. This art calls for patience as well. In every seven people only two people actually read.


On that note, I have written down some tips for people who finding reading a tough job. Here they go:

  1. Don’t get swayed by book reading alone – I never understood why is it reading is identified by reading a book only. Reading is reading. Even reading a banner is reading. Never tell anyone I do not read. If you read articles, blogs, informative emails, or any content available online or on paper is reading in its own way.
  2. Take baby steps – It is not possible for someone who is running short of time and patience to read heavy books at first shot. Neither recommended. Whenever you feel the urge to meet the reading quest and feel you aren’t in the right direction, take baby steps. Read small paragraphs. From Laghu Kathayen in Hindi newspaper to Speaking Tree section in the English daily, reading is reading and it qualifies as a substantial one. Start with baby steps in reading such as small paragraphs, picture books with stories, anecdotes, features etc.
  3. Read what you like irrespective of language – Never get swayed by fancy English names of novels. Not all those that sound extravagant have enormous fodder to offer. If you like reading, then read whatever comes your way. Just make sure, it is value driven. As mentioned in point 1, read Laghu Kathayen in Hindi newspaper, Speaking Tree section in English paper, news columns, magazine areas etc. As long as you are able to derive information from it, it will be valuable to you.
  4. Do not create your whims and fancies – Never think too much about reading. Just go with the flow. Reading is a beautiful culture in its own way. Famous authors like V.S. Naipaul, Arundhati Roy, Vikram Seth etc. often write very beguiling articles in English dailies. Read them. Reading a book because it is popular among people doesn’t mean it will entice you. You can even read interviews of famous people, write-ups on food, health, and travelogues.
  5. Reading a book is different from reading about a book – Either way, it is not bad. Having awareness of the books that are trending in the market is a good thing. Read what people are writing about? where are people drawing inspiration from? and how are they writing? and most importantly, does it encourage you? And if you fall in a category where you read books in real sense, then it’s win win story.
  6. Read simple content – I have always recommended people to read that is easy to understand. As a prolific writer, I pen down my content in the simplest form. I want everybody to read and it is my moral responsibility to write something that is simple, engaging and lucid. Read to enhance your knowledge, your vision and explore cultural diversification.
  7. Read less but qualitative – Do not look around at a book shop and decide to spend a fortune. Spend wisely on books or whatever reading material you are preferring. Before purchasing, inquire yourself that will you read it fully, will it entertain you in anyway and how far will you extract some knowledge from it?
  8. Share what you read – It is critical to share what you have read. It is important to inform the world about the knowledge you have received from reading something. Let your reading abilities become path to awakening for others. It is similar to the happiness people felt when the postman read aloud letters to them. Imagine, if you could share your information with people who cannot read at all.
  9. Read to derive value not attention – Do not read to show off. Read for understanding the world a little better. If you are reading to showcase yourself to people, you are doing injustice to yourself and you aren’t turning any wiser. As I mentioned earlier, read less but qualitative.
  10. Don’t read under pressure – Because entire universe is reading around you doesn’t mean you have to ape them. Go with your own pace. Read that is easy to you. People intentionally subscribe to sophisticated and extensive news journals only to impress their guests. Don’t do it. Kill all apprehensions. Pick anything that amuses you and develops interests in you.

My first book and the story behind it


It was 26th November when I received the first set of my book “The Bobby Pins and other short stories”. Since, I hadn’t informed anyone about the new feat, the surprise and ecstasy was equally an add on. Authoring a book was something my parents never thought I would do or even my extended family. I kept the first copy in my father’s hand and the reaction came like this.

“Oh! Another product from your shopping spree.” He said.

“No, just see it properly.” I answered.

“Oh! I see. Oh!” He exclaimed.

“Yes, exactly! I answered.

“You published a book? When did you do this?” He inquired.

“I have been working on this for the past 3 months.” I replied.

Next 20 minutes went in syncing in the fact that their daughter did something they never believed in.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is how my book attended its first reception. I know, there is a long way to go.

I thank Notion Press for the team they allotted. I thank George, the project manager, the design and copy editing team which worked on the backstage and gave an eye-to-detail to every phase.

My book is a compilation of 13 short stories based on various events of life such as hit and run case, acid attack, social media addiction, widows, and much more. Every story is different from another. Writing is not easy, neither is reading. You need patience, perseverance, and dedication to learn. Honestly speaking, people do not read much. In every 7 people, only 2 read. Knowing this fact, I wanted to write that was easy to understand, grasp and impactful. I knew my audience will not sit for long and read so the language has been kept lucid, engaging and simple. The book is available at online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, Shopclues, Notion Press, and Infibeam. It is NOT available at Kindle and physical stores. Please get it online.

It is a thin book and the stories have been divided into parts to make it easy for people to read. Every story has its own share of influence and I am sure each time, you read any from the book. To all those, who have purchased it, please share your feedback and your points for improvement. I thank my parents again for always being by my side.


Dear Zindagi – Review

I am too late to write a review on ‘Dear Zindagi’ but I feel like writing something. Critics dear-zindagi-7599and masses have already shared their opinions. Possibly mine doesn’t even matter to the rat who mistakenly made way to the PVR. But it is ok. Here it goes.

The film was directed by Gauri Shinde (English Vinglish fame) and Alia Bhatt and Shahrukh Khan played the major roles. A lot of people are terming it as a ‘slice of life’ sort of film, and I second the view. It takes a small part from Kiara’s life where she is juggling between a roaring career as a cinematographer, complex relationships and concerned friends and kin.

Before I come to the script, I want to duly appreciate the real cinematography of the film. The cycling parts of the movie just make me go swirl with the wind. My friends tell me that Goa is not as clean as it has been shown in the film but I guess the DOP knew what to pick. Coming to the costume, I loved everything that Alia and other characters wore especially Alia’s mother.

The movie beautifully captured the essence of life and the fact that if you do not explore the choices then how will you decide on what you want. Because buying a chair and finding a life partner of your choice both are a significant deal. There goes the mantra. Alia showcases a young girl who is relationship wise confused, sexually liberated, financially independent, smart, and ambitious. She has been shown as a free-spirited woman who lives on her own in Mumbai.

Alia cheats on her existing boyfriend which showcases the next generation woman who isn’t afraid to claim what is on her mind. She walks out on him only to realize the guy she cheated for dumps her later. Though, there is an angle wherein Raghu did ask her if she was serious with him. We realize that Alia has not been demonstrated as a goodie goodie woman we have grown up watching or have been asked to behave like. Kiara – a woman of today who is liberal and has her own share of complexities in life – not sure of the men, commitment-phobic, fatal attractions and many more.

Something that hit me hard was, Kiara’s life has been showcased as a pretty sorted one– good friends, good boyfriends (pretty handsome ones) and a caring family. Usually, in reality, it doesn’t happen. Women get dumped, rejected, friendzoned, and these create way more seclusion in mind than anything else. I understand every person has her share of problems and probably, it doesn’t sound big to others. Honestly speaking, had they shown issues like I mentioned it would have seemed more reasonable. In fact, many a times we have terrible break ups with friends which breaks us from inside. Many of us do not come from a solid background to pursue our degrees from abroad, many of our parents do not speak in English, neither are they sophisticated, modern and highly educated.

A lot of causes of depression usually revolve around the background we hold, the unfaithful friends we assemble, the disrespectful and disinterested boyfriends we make and 9 to 6 demanding desktop work life we lead. I would have appreciated if any of these issues were portrayed.

On the other hand, the film was a complete package of tranquil music (Amit Trivedi), flawless acting by Alia and Shahrukh and picturesque Goa. Nothing could have given me a better delight than this breath-of-fresh-air kind of a movie. I would recommend this film to everybody who is looking for some stimulant. I appreciate the filmmaker for coming up with films wherein experimentation is the keyword. Cheers!

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