Dear Zindagi – Review

I am too late to write a review on ‘Dear Zindagi’ but I feel like writing something. Critics dear-zindagi-7599and masses have already shared their opinions. Possibly mine doesn’t even matter to the rat who mistakenly made way to the PVR. But it is ok. Here it goes.

The film was directed by Gauri Shinde (English Vinglish fame) and Alia Bhatt and Shahrukh Khan played the major roles. A lot of people are terming it as a ‘slice of life’ sort of film, and I second the view. It takes a small part from Kiara’s life where she is juggling between a roaring career as a cinematographer, complex relationships and concerned friends and kin.

Before I come to the script, I want to duly appreciate the real cinematography of the film. The cycling parts of the movie just make me go swirl with the wind. My friends tell me that Goa is not as clean as it has been shown in the film but I guess the DOP knew what to pick. Coming to the costume, I loved everything that Alia and other characters wore especially Alia’s mother.

The movie beautifully captured the essence of life and the fact that if you do not explore the choices then how will you decide on what you want. Because buying a chair and finding a life partner of your choice both are a significant deal. There goes the mantra. Alia showcases a young girl who is relationship wise confused, sexually liberated, financially independent, smart, and ambitious. She has been shown as a free-spirited woman who lives on her own in Mumbai.

Alia cheats on her existing boyfriend which showcases the next generation woman who isn’t afraid to claim what is on her mind. She walks out on him only to realize the guy she cheated for dumps her later. Though, there is an angle wherein Raghu did ask her if she was serious with him. We realize that Alia has not been demonstrated as a goodie goodie woman we have grown up watching or have been asked to behave like. Kiara – a woman of today who is liberal and has her own share of complexities in life – not sure of the men, commitment-phobic, fatal attractions and many more.

Something that hit me hard was, Kiara’s life has been showcased as a pretty sorted one– good friends, good boyfriends (pretty handsome ones) and a caring family. Usually, in reality, it doesn’t happen. Women get dumped, rejected, friendzoned, and these create way more seclusion in mind than anything else. I understand every person has her share of problems and probably, it doesn’t sound big to others. Honestly speaking, had they shown issues like I mentioned it would have seemed more reasonable. In fact, many a times we have terrible break ups with friends which breaks us from inside. Many of us do not come from a solid background to pursue our degrees from abroad, many of our parents do not speak in English, neither are they sophisticated, modern and highly educated.

A lot of causes of depression usually revolve around the background we hold, the unfaithful friends we assemble, the disrespectful and disinterested boyfriends we make and 9 to 6 demanding desktop work life we lead. I would have appreciated if any of these issues were portrayed.

On the other hand, the film was a complete package of tranquil music (Amit Trivedi), flawless acting by Alia and Shahrukh and picturesque Goa. Nothing could have given me a better delight than this breath-of-fresh-air kind of a movie. I would recommend this film to everybody who is looking for some stimulant. I appreciate the filmmaker for coming up with films wherein experimentation is the keyword. Cheers!

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