Beauty and The Beast – art and emotions in one picture

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I remember reading “Beauty and the Beast” as a child and later watching Bangla telefilm on the same as a teenager. The story has always kept in awe with the concept of falling for a beast. Recently, I watched “Beauty and the Beast”, a 3D Hollywood movie as an adult.

Directed by Bill Colldon and starred by Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, the movie was a mélange of pretty colors, pleasing music and good pace. My faith in love, love stories and fairytale has been restored – Beauty and the Beast has cast that kind of spell on me. Nothing but a piece of art – the movie is a treat to eyes to anybody who has an affinity for literature, poetry, art, humor and old world charm. I felt, I watched a painting in motion in 3D.

Emma plays the role of a little girl named ‘Beauty’ living in a small village Villeneuve in Northern Italy. She is a petite and fearless beauty loves reading, dots her artist father, and is admired by villagers and envied by a few. She is nothing but a pretty picture full of poems, songs, books and self-realizing questions.

Lot of effort has been put in the dialogues and monologues, as they seemed straight out of literary books. Songs are like breath of this film and they have blended so well with the plot.

Due to situations, Beauty’s father lands up in a desolated castle. The hauntingly beautiful, the palace is an abode to the ‘Beast’, who was once a handsome and charming prince. Cursed by an angel for being arrogant, the prince continues to live in complete isolation in the dusty castle, which has never seen sunlight in years.

Beauty, on being worried about his father’s whereabouts rides her horse to check him out. The story as we know it, is about how she lets go her father and offers herself to the prison, extending affection to the unloved Beast. “Beauty lies within”, one can hear this as the film moves like a painting. Dan Stevens plays the role of a prince who is bearing the brunt of being arrogant – he is the beast. He has love for literature that plays the Cupid’s role and thus, begins a love story, between a beauty and beast. The assurance that Beauty gives while taking care of him makes him fall for her more and more.

Every scene has been taken care of meticulously and the performances delivered by all the actors is class apart. Something that stood apart for me was the humor quotient. The film didn’t fail to give me reasons to smile and chuckle at several intervals.

And if I do not talk about music then I am a sinner. Alan Menken was the music director for “Beauty and the Beast” and he did complete justice with the plot. Listen to the tracks like ‘Be Our Guest’ and ‘Something There’ especially.

Costumes and set design are on point, they take you to an Elizabethan era. Detailing seems to be the key for the director in this section. In all honesty, I would say, this movie was a delight to eyes with no flaws. In a long long time, a movie managed to impress me to this length. Watch it at the theaters to savor the experience.

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