It is real!


Pic courtesy – CBS News

“50 children died in a chemical attack in Syria – Oh! How sad!” Meera read the headlines of a leading newspaper and flipped to other pages. She then went to the vending machine and got herself a cup of Latte. Meera and her colleague, Liza later fiddled with the supplementary piece, which had colorful pictures of celebrities rejoicing. Both the women had a small session of chat on why so and so actor ditched his girl. It was their daily customary ritual to sit in the cafeteria for a cup of coffee before commencing to work.


The day was going on really well – Meera was handling client calls, attending meetings and gossiping with colleagues during lunch. It was a usual day. Just when it was time for evening coffee, suddenly Meera felt a slight shudder. In no time, she realized everything was shaking around her.

“EARTHQUAKE GUYS!” – A colleague from nearby cube screamed his heart out.

In a matter of seconds, the teams left their seats and ran for their lives. Meera pulled Liza and went out of the office. As the entire office population ran towards the campus area, Meera and almost everybody hastily called their families. Meera called her mother, “Run ma, run! Earthquake. Go out to the park”.

After ten minutes, it seemed everything was all right. All people in the office felt a sigh of relief and after sometime, they all went back to their respective seats.

The news said, “Richter Scale measures 3.0, not massive.”

Liza, “Did you ask your parents to go out Meera? I called mine. They are fine.”

“Thank god! Everything is fine. God! I went nuts!” Meera felt highly relived as the Earthquake was over and the fact that her parents were fine.

As the day was ending, Meera thought of having a cup of coffee with Liza.

Both the women sipped through hot coffee and shared their concerns about why Earthquakes were becoming so frequent in their region.

While Meera held her favorite coffee mug in one hand, her another hand again picked up the newspaper.

“50 children died in a chemical attack in Syria – It is real!” Sighed Meera as she felt a lump in her heart.


2 thoughts on “It is real!

  1. So nice! We just read in newspaper and move on but when it happens to ownself, then only we realise! Well penned! 👌💐


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