Radio and other stories with RJ Rahul Makin

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Sipping his hot coffee, RJ Rahul Makin can be seen sitting quiet and flipping the pages of his script. That is how the very fondly known ‘Love Coach’ starts his usual day. RJ Rahul Makin is a popular Delhi based Radio Jockey working for 104 FM and his Shayeri in his typical dulcet voice makes him stand out.

Rahul is not a new face in public and his Instagram account is a testimony to the same. Academically bright and charismatic in appeal, Rahul is a guy who holds several awards in his kitty for his performances on radio. Deeply rooted to Jammu, he has his name registered in “Limca Book of Record” for hosting a radio show continuously for 105 hours (2009). I was curious to know what was more to Rahul Makin?

Here is a small excerpt from my conversations with this dapper RJ.

Do you love talking to people?

You will be surprised if I tell you, I am a super shy guy and an introvert. When I was growing up, my sister was the only person I spoke to from the opposite gender. Speaking is just not what I want. I understand one element in a conversation very well and that is listening. I believe people have a lot to talk about and want a listener. I love to be one and I must tell you I am an expert in silent conversations.

pic courtesy – Google

Radio seems to be your love. Did you want to do radio always?

It is pure love. I work in a way wherein I always make sure I preserve my energies and put them in doing impeccable conversations over love and relationships. I am thankful that my art and skill sets fall in place, which is why I guess men and women love to listen to me.

Talking about women, they never cease to swoon over your voice. Is it just that?

(Gentle laugh) I do my part in the job honestly, and leave rest to god. Indeed, it feels great to receive such unconditional love from people. I feel amazed myself when I see the love pouring on me through channels like emails, phone calls, etc. It works like a boost and I make sure that each time I give back something beautiful to my people.

That was modest you! However, I am aware you are a multifarious guy, you love to trek, gym, write and also, you take special interests in literature. What is that you don’t do?

I can’t develop questions like you (laughs). It is a matter of interests and nothing else. Luckily, I was an academically bright student, literature caught my fancy then and since that time, I never let it go. I read voraciously and always aspire to take lessons from my reading. All those things that I do, they simply help me in becoming a better person. Trust me, I am still that humble boy from Jammu (coyly smiles).

No wonder, why people love you. ‘Ishqiya’, ‘Hostel Classics’ and now ‘Pyar ka Punchnama’ all of them have been massive hits, your baritone voice seems to echo love for everybody?

Human beings are just not made of bones and flesh but emotions too. Just like we need medicines to keep ourselves healthy, we need something that gives aid to our emotions as well.

My camera

I know that our younger generation undergoes the excessive pressure of proving themselves in the society and hence, many a times, it takes a toll on them. Breakups, relationship hassles, and ego clashes are very common these days and it is important to heal them with the right words. I feel privileged to lead shows like ‘Ishqiya’, ‘Hostel Classics’ and now ‘Pyar ka Punchnama’.

You have some more shows that air on 104, tell us something about them.

Yes, I anchor ‘Zoon’ that talks about authors, also we did ‘Ambulance First’ that helped ambulances reach hospitals in the quickest time. From time to time, I keep doing shows that are ‘for the people, to the people’.

Do you wish to keep going with radio?

I can’t say what future holds for me but yes, I will continue to pursue my love and that is Radio. Keep listening to 104 FM.

As I end my dialogue with you, could I have something freshly baked from your oven of poems?

“Tu kehta hai tu nahichahta hai mujhe

Teri aankhon ne kuch aur kaha hai mujhe”


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