Writing in Technology Vertical

Underneath a broad topic – technical/technology writing lies a huge explanation. If you

Pic courtesy – Google

are planning to take up a job in content writing in an IT company, take a look at this following piece of information.


There are three layers below content development in IT companies:

  1. Technical writing – It is hard-core technical and offered at IT companies. The writer should preferably be a B.Tech degree holder. The job usually requires writing user manual, release notes, technical articles etc. Take this job only if you are confident about it. Let me inform you, this job doesn’t not give you any space for creativity.
  2. Marketing content in IT sector – Every IT Company has a marketing department and it requires a content writer without fail. The profile requires writing material like – blogs, articles, marketing collateral, newsletter, whitepapers, press releases etc. This may sound easier but it also requires technical bent of mind. I will not recommend it unless you are actually interested in knowing technologies, software and solutions.
  3. Writing about newest gadgets – It doesn’t fall directly under technical writing but considering that it is related to technology, one can say it is a part too. This can be done by writers from different genres. This depends on the interest you have for technologies that keep evolving every day. As a writer, if you love tracking technologies and gadgets that are making life way better for people than this is your space. You may often come across section like ‘technology’ in lifestyle magazines. This can be done without any technical degree. Al you need is interest.

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