Brushes and Colors – Interview with Poojita, The Painter

Stroking her brush across the canvas, Poojita is seen busy in transforming her 16830716_228258137637909_1133268097153430838_nthoughts into a beautiful painting. Sitting in a beautiful and cozy apartment in Bangalore, a cup of hot coffee looks like her best friend and certainly, the colors. Piping hot Shakshuka has been offered to me, as I decide to have a deep conversation with Poojita Nair. A twenty something insanely gorgeous woman, she is a painter by profession, loves to do makeup and most importantly, is at peace with herself. But what makes a woman like her pursue painting.

To know more, here is an excerpt from my interview with someone who followed her heart. Read and dive into the world of painting, coloring, imagining and art.

India is a land of artists but in a society that is driven by money and status, art like painting is fading. I hardly see young people taking up painting as a main source of profession? What made you do so?

Honestly speaking career in painting is fascinating. I love the essence of expression. On the onset of my career, all I knew was colors. Other than with brushes and colors, there was no other way I could exhibit my expressions. There could be a small ratio of young men and women taking this career but they are the ones who are really serious about it. It is a land of MF Hussain, Tagore, Amrita Shergill, Raja Ravi Varma, Jamini Roy and many more. People like me take a huge inspiration from them.  I wish to express human emotions through painting and take it ahead in this world of digital marketing and put my ideas into action.

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Sounds impressive! So you have been painting since you were a child?

I have been painting before I could even write (giggles). It was my natural onset and a form of expression.

Do you draw, sketch or paint or basically everything?

I don’t have a fixed regime of doing sketching, or drawing or anything. I create things that intrigue me which relate to humans. My creations are mostly about human beings and their emotions. I make sure they are deep and meaningful.

Talking of emotions, which is your favorite emotion?

Confusion (laughs). It brings out various possibilities and this excites me. Human beings are deep, complex and full of confusions – should I propose her or not? Should I take up this job or not? At every step, we are faced by confusion. Why not display the same in my work!

Interesting! Your work has a lot of bold content. Lot of people avoid exploiting such areas. Tell me something about it.

My content is about relationship with myself and other people and then my reaction towards it. It is that easy (loud laugh).

No wonder why ‘confusion’ is your favorite emotion. What is your favorite color by the way? Or do you love all?

White. And I love the way color combinations surprise me.

Any advice to the younger generation that is aching to make quick money and never thinks about what it is passionate about.

Ask yourself what is that you can do now that will make you feel good. Do it every 5 minutes. Today, I am a creative director in a gaming company. My job came to me after investing several years in painting. So, I should say I kept following my love and simply did not stick to philosophical talks. I would recommend younger people to listen to their heart and understand that skill they are blessed with, hone it and navigate it into a beautiful career.

That is some incredible two cents to people that’s running after money. Tell me, how does your family perceive your work?

When we love what we do, eventually our family starts loving it too. As long as you are not hurting anybody’s sentiments (chuckles). Don’t wait for anybody’s approval if you are following your heart. Everything will fall in place eventually.

Tell me about your job as a creative director.

My job requires me to coordinate colors for the games and give them a concept art. Then digitally implement them in various software.  This way, I transform my ideas into digital art and see designers implementing them. What an exhilarating feeling it is!

Where all have you exhibited your work? 

with the lovely lady herself

I have exhibited in:

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I see myself to be more experimental and brave.

That was Poojita for you who is passionately working towards what she loves.

To know more about her or any kind of collaboration, write to her at –


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