Brushes and Colors – Interview with Poojita, The Painter

Stroking her brush across the canvas, Poojita is seen busy in transforming her 16830716_228258137637909_1133268097153430838_nthoughts into a beautiful painting. Sitting in a beautiful and cozy apartment in Bangalore, a cup of hot coffee looks like her best friend and certainly, the colors. Piping hot Shakshuka has been offered to me, as I decide to have a deep conversation with Poojita Nair. A twenty something insanely gorgeous woman, she is a painter by profession, loves to do makeup and most importantly, is at peace with herself. But what makes a woman like her pursue painting.

To know more, here is an excerpt from my interview with someone who followed her heart. Read and dive into the world of painting, coloring, imagining and art.

India is a land of artists but in a society that is driven by money and status, art like painting is fading. I hardly see young people taking up painting as a main source of profession? What made you do so?

Honestly speaking career in painting is fascinating. I love the essence of expression. On the onset of my career, all I knew was colors. Other than with brushes and colors, there was no other way I could exhibit my expressions. There could be a small ratio of young men and women taking this career but they are the ones who are really serious about it. It is a land of MF Hussain, Tagore, Amrita Shergill, Raja Ravi Varma, Jamini Roy and many more. People like me take a huge inspiration from them.  I wish to express human emotions through painting and take it ahead in this world of digital marketing and put my ideas into action.

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Sounds impressive! So you have been painting since you were a child?

I have been painting before I could even write (giggles). It was my natural onset and a form of expression.

Do you draw, sketch or paint or basically everything?

I don’t have a fixed regime of doing sketching, or drawing or anything. I create things that intrigue me which relate to humans. My creations are mostly about human beings and their emotions. I make sure they are deep and meaningful.

Talking of emotions, which is your favorite emotion?

Confusion (laughs). It brings out various possibilities and this excites me. Human beings are deep, complex and full of confusions – should I propose her or not? Should I take up this job or not? At every step, we are faced by confusion. Why not display the same in my work!

Interesting! Your work has a lot of bold content. Lot of people avoid exploiting such areas. Tell me something about it.

My content is about relationship with myself and other people and then my reaction towards it. It is that easy (loud laugh).

No wonder why ‘confusion’ is your favorite emotion. What is your favorite color by the way? Or do you love all?

White. And I love the way color combinations surprise me.

Any advice to the younger generation that is aching to make quick money and never thinks about what it is passionate about.

Ask yourself what is that you can do now that will make you feel good. Do it every 5 minutes. Today, I am a creative director in a gaming company. My job came to me after investing several years in painting. So, I should say I kept following my love and simply did not stick to philosophical talks. I would recommend younger people to listen to their heart and understand that skill they are blessed with, hone it and navigate it into a beautiful career.

That is some incredible two cents to people that’s running after money. Tell me, how does your family perceive your work?

When we love what we do, eventually our family starts loving it too. As long as you are not hurting anybody’s sentiments (chuckles). Don’t wait for anybody’s approval if you are following your heart. Everything will fall in place eventually.

Tell me about your job as a creative director.

My job requires me to coordinate colors for the games and give them a concept art. Then digitally implement them in various software.  This way, I transform my ideas into digital art and see designers implementing them. What an exhilarating feeling it is!

Where all have you exhibited your work? 

with the lovely lady herself

I have exhibited in:

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I see myself to be more experimental and brave.

That was Poojita for you who is passionately working towards what she loves.

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Radio and other stories with RJ Rahul Makin

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Sipping his hot coffee, RJ Rahul Makin can be seen sitting quiet and flipping the pages of his script. That is how the very fondly known ‘Love Coach’ starts his usual day. RJ Rahul Makin is a popular Delhi based Radio Jockey working for 104 FM and his Shayeri in his typical dulcet voice makes him stand out.

Rahul is not a new face in public and his Instagram account is a testimony to the same. Academically bright and charismatic in appeal, Rahul is a guy who holds several awards in his kitty for his performances on radio. Deeply rooted to Jammu, he has his name registered in “Limca Book of Record” for hosting a radio show continuously for 105 hours (2009). I was curious to know what was more to Rahul Makin?

Here is a small excerpt from my conversations with this dapper RJ.

Do you love talking to people?

You will be surprised if I tell you, I am a super shy guy and an introvert. When I was growing up, my sister was the only person I spoke to from the opposite gender. Speaking is just not what I want. I understand one element in a conversation very well and that is listening. I believe people have a lot to talk about and want a listener. I love to be one and I must tell you I am an expert in silent conversations.

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Radio seems to be your love. Did you want to do radio always?

It is pure love. I work in a way wherein I always make sure I preserve my energies and put them in doing impeccable conversations over love and relationships. I am thankful that my art and skill sets fall in place, which is why I guess men and women love to listen to me.

Talking about women, they never cease to swoon over your voice. Is it just that?

(Gentle laugh) I do my part in the job honestly, and leave rest to god. Indeed, it feels great to receive such unconditional love from people. I feel amazed myself when I see the love pouring on me through channels like emails, phone calls, etc. It works like a boost and I make sure that each time I give back something beautiful to my people.

That was modest you! However, I am aware you are a multifarious guy, you love to trek, gym, write and also, you take special interests in literature. What is that you don’t do?

I can’t develop questions like you (laughs). It is a matter of interests and nothing else. Luckily, I was an academically bright student, literature caught my fancy then and since that time, I never let it go. I read voraciously and always aspire to take lessons from my reading. All those things that I do, they simply help me in becoming a better person. Trust me, I am still that humble boy from Jammu (coyly smiles).

No wonder, why people love you. ‘Ishqiya’, ‘Hostel Classics’ and now ‘Pyar ka Punchnama’ all of them have been massive hits, your baritone voice seems to echo love for everybody?

Human beings are just not made of bones and flesh but emotions too. Just like we need medicines to keep ourselves healthy, we need something that gives aid to our emotions as well.

My camera

I know that our younger generation undergoes the excessive pressure of proving themselves in the society and hence, many a times, it takes a toll on them. Breakups, relationship hassles, and ego clashes are very common these days and it is important to heal them with the right words. I feel privileged to lead shows like ‘Ishqiya’, ‘Hostel Classics’ and now ‘Pyar ka Punchnama’.

You have some more shows that air on 104, tell us something about them.

Yes, I anchor ‘Zoon’ that talks about authors, also we did ‘Ambulance First’ that helped ambulances reach hospitals in the quickest time. From time to time, I keep doing shows that are ‘for the people, to the people’.

Do you wish to keep going with radio?

I can’t say what future holds for me but yes, I will continue to pursue my love and that is Radio. Keep listening to 104 FM.

As I end my dialogue with you, could I have something freshly baked from your oven of poems?

“Tu kehta hai tu nahichahta hai mujhe

Teri aankhon ne kuch aur kaha hai mujhe”

A sneak peak into the world of perfumes

ultra limited
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“He didn’t smell great, hence rejected.” Said Simran when she was shortlisting executives for marketing in her company.

You can know a lot about someone’s personality by the way he or she wears a perfume. And something very terrible if they aren’t wearing at all! Since thousands of years, humans have worked hard to extract beautiful fragrances from flora and fauna and different kinds of other ingredients. Extraction is just not one aspect in the making, but the best perfumes also call for research on human behavior, demographics, cultures and a lot more.

Over the years, people have been investing largely in the beauty and wellness for themselves. Perfumes to be particular stand as a top priority in the list. As per a study, the global market for fragrances in 2016 was estimated to be USD 40.1 billion. This statistic tells us about the usage level among people and the significance. Companies engaged in making fragrances, perfumes and scents are working hard every day to bring something new to the consumers.

Not only on international grounds but also, within India, there is a huge demand for fragrances, essential oils, and perfumes. The growth of perfume industry has been steady in the last five years. A huge importance is growing towards self-grooming and personality development that drives people to buy perfumes. Currently, the Indian perfume industry is estimated at Rs. 2000 crores and it has been estimated that it will grow Rs 3000 crores in coming 5 years.

Among various industry leaders, Ultra International Limited is widely known in the perfume industry (across the globe). Strategically located in New Delhi, the company is extensively engaged in making and selling fine fragrances and many other kinds for:

  1. Air Care
  2. Personal Care
  3. House Hold
  4. Oral Care
  5. Aromatherapy


Pic courtesy – Google

Being a leader in the industry since 1929, the company is a name to reckon with in India and overseas. It owns a massive plant in Sahibabad in Ghaziabad and it is taken care by highly experienced scientists, fragrance experts, and several highly skilled human resource.Talking to Mr. Parsenjit Majumdar, Director, Marketing, Ultra, he shares, “We believe in following rightful methods of extraction in a hygienic environment. Our seasoned team knows how to systemically exploit aromatic plants in our advanced labs. Efforts like these have high possibilities to enhance the usage of plants and resultantly escalate the economy.”

The team takes ardent care in areas like raw material aggregation, environment, storage and other parameters. Right from agro-climatic condition to hygiene and safety measures, every detail is kept in mind. In a country that is humid, and has a working class as a majority, perfumes are a blessing in disguise for many. Companies like Ultra are tirelessly working towards bringing new fragrances to people and make them feel confident about themselves.

Want to know more about Ultra International Limited, check out their website –



A dialogue with Sanjeev

Work in Hindi is called as Karma. No matter what size of your Karma is, you should keep sanjeevdoing it. Every year, scores of people come to Mumbai to become a part of Bollywood. Approximately, 1000 movies are made every year. Do dreams come true? That slightest moment of facing the camera and feeling like a superstar, who doesn’t want it? Even smallest of the roles given in the entertainment industry call for hard work and dedication. I am sharing a small conversation with Sanjeev Sharma who works as an actor in movies, television serials and advertisements (both print and TV).

Coming from a city in UP and putting efforts to make it big in the showbiz, Sharma has been relentlessly working. My interview talks about aspirations, appreciation of work, handling the dynamics and managing life with an insecure profession.

Before we start talking about your acting career, tell me something about yourself, your roots and early life.

I come from a middle class family in Ghaziabad, UP. I was a school teacher and specialized in physical education. Like any typical family, my parents expected me to pursue education and go for a job. I followed the track like any young man would do. I got my degrees, did job, got married and lived happily with my family. Never did it cross my mind that I would become an actor one day. Yes, I had this bug called acting and always wanted to give it a shot. But making it happen called for guts.

Talking of acting, how did it all start? Did just start raw out of hobby?

I did some local short films out of hobby. These weren’t the gateways to the entertainment industry but they definitely opened my eyes. I realized that I had a fierce streak of acting in me and that if I polish, I would become big. Thereafter, I started concentrating on this side of my life. I started speaking to concerned people and consulted my friends putting up in Mumbai. Before anything, I worked on myself, my skills and my body in order to showcase a better me to the world.

You realized acting was beckoning you, tell us the story that followed.

It was year 2010, when I first went to Mumbai. I had taken leaves from my job. The city was new to me, it felt like some fancy place the way you see in films. I feel lucky, I had friends who helped me. They assisted me in making contacts and doing preparations. Meanwhile, I continued to do work on myself. It isn’t as easy as it sounds. One needs lot of patience and determination to keep going ahead even when everything looks blank.


What was your first break?

I got a small role in ‘Do Hanson ka Jora’ by Rajshri Productions. It paved a way for me to some extent. After that, I got an opportunity in Bollywood movie called ‘Haunted’ by Vikram Bhatt. This small but integral chance got me closer to Bhatt. I learnt so much within this small stint regarding acting, timing, dialogue delivery and body language. Post this movie, I got much more opportunities in Delhi for various advertisements. I can say, after these appearances, I felt I had a chance in the entertainment industry.

Your achievements seem like a ladder you are climbing on. I am feeling more inquisitive. Tell me more.

Yes, it is a never ending ladder. Till 2014, I kept shuttling between Mumbai and Ghaziabad. It was a tough task as I had to manage my school job and then travel to Mumbai for work. During this period, I worked in Jhansi ki Rani, Police File, Savdhaan India, Crime Patrol, Lucky Kabootar and much more. After working in a few projects, I received appreciation and internal satisfaction as well. But life isn’t easy. I lost my job in this marathon. This time, I had to take a call and finally, in 2014, I came to Mumbai for complete settlement. I have been consistently working since then – movies, television, and print ads.

Losing a job calls for courage. Share some stories from your struggle diaries.

I started my acting career as a married man with kids. So, when you lose job, it takes an extra toll on you. It wasn’t easy at that time but I had to tell myself I will do it. At first, I went from door to door at production companies for auditions. I have no count; how many auditions have I given till now. I worked hard on everything possible. There were times, I had no work and I had to manage in pennies. In this industry, there is no security. It is like digging a well for a living and you have to keep digging it if you want to survive.


Share an unforgettable incident.

I am currently working for a film, Chapekar Brothers. Govind Namdev is playing one of the lead roles in the film and I badly wanted to have a scene with him. The script had no place for me and him in the same frame. But, destiny had planned something. There was a character to be played by a fellow artist (with Namdev) who due to some circumstance couldn’t turn up. The role was given to me. In a matter of one hour, I had to rehearse two pages of dialogues. I touched Govindji’s feet and accumulated guts to say all that I had learnt. I cannot elaborate the goosebumps I felt while delivering the dialogues. But what a moment it was.

You are that ‘Sharma ji ka beta’ who is working hard strenuously. In this struggle, what was your family’s role? Do they support you?

(Laughs) They supported fully. Rather, my mother often says she should have had sent me to the entertainment industry way too early (giggles). At present, my family is always speaking high about me. In fact, my neighbors feel surprised to see me working in TV and films.

What are your upcoming projects?

I have completed shooting for Chapekar Brothers and a Bhojpuri film as a villain. There are a few in the pipeline.


So many young people leave their jobs, and families to make it big in the city. What suggestions would you give to them?

Never quit a well-paying job until you are sure that you have plentiful projects on your plate. Understand, you have a family behind, you have taxes and bills to pay. Most importantly, you have to financially support yourself. This is where education helps. When your plans don’t work out, your degree shall get you a job. Respect your degree. Further, always have a backup plan so that in any form your family doesn’t suffer in your absence. Understand, city life costs way too much. Do not feel too fancy about the entertainment industry, and appreciate the roles you receive. No one can become Shahrukh overnight. It is a harsh world with brutal realities.

While you plan to work, you must learn to have connections and know the probabilities of your plans. Do not cease to work hard, have a strong strategy and have a stronger understanding of the show biz. It is a common culture where people charge money for giving breaks but someone has rightly said ‘one who is taking money is not faithful’. Use your wisdom before taking any step.

Conversations with Mrssaripalli, the Fashionista……

Over a cup of coffee, I scroll through my Instagram feed and suddenly stop at neha 1Mrssaripalli’s recent picture. She is in her HnM top and some trendy bottom, well matched with accessories and footwear. There is a flood of hashtags, endless ‘likes’ and incessant comments till another picture comes in. Neha Bisaria, as the real world knows her, is a multifaceted woman. She is a Chicago based IT professional, a dotting wife, a fashionista, a Starbucks lover, a fitness freak and a passionate fashion blogger. A true Indian from the core, Neha is a go-getter, bold and ‘hungry for success’ girl who wishes to go higher in life. She believes in blending Indian with that of western. Zara, Forever 21, Mango and similar more brands are part of her fashion kitty. She is a wise buyer and discerned in experimenting with fashion.

Know more about her and how she went an extra mile to pursue fashion.

Were you a fashion lover since young age? When did you realize your calling?

Yes, I have always been a fashion enthusiast. I always liked to be updated in terms of new style and trends. In fact, I preferred being tidy and well-dressed while going somewhere. Right from teenage days, I would keep a track on dressing up and make sure that I was upbeat in my persona and quirky. I remember, I wore knotted tops, falling neck styles and palazzo pants with short Kurtis and flower patch work based denims when they were in. I would always keep a track on the fashion trends and ideas and further implement them. I think that attests my passion for fashion.

That definitely does. But you have a demanding 9 to 6 job in a typical IT environment, that’s contradictory to you, isn’t it?

(Chuckles) No, it isn’t. One should always pursue education, work, and pay bills. That is how you learn about the real world. I believe in being self-dependent and confident and my work as an IT professional helps me do that. So, I do not regret being part of this mundane job. I quite enjoy this. Coming to fashion, I know how to manage and execute it. I read, research and keep my eyes open in terms of fashion trends so following it comes naturally. So, I am able to balance my passion and work together way better than wheel balance. It is all about time management and investment. I keep a track on where I am spending excessive time. And yes, my family is always there to support me.

What do you love the most – clothing, accessorizing or make up? neha 2

I am more inclined towards clothing and accessorizing. However, after savoring some major success in social media, I am giving make-up a serious thought. These days, I am devoting a lot of time on research for make-up like brands, tips, easy ways of make-up etc. I have started writing on them off late as well. People are loving that part of me too and this makes me feel I am doing good.

Talking about writing, you blog on almost everything in fashion, and that is the best way of informing people. How did blogging happen to you?

I did some homework to get a free blog on WordPress after seeing a fashion blog of one of my friends. I was amazed to see a fashion blog and was stunned with the idea and technology. With few successful blogs on WordPress, I confidently invested in a full-fledged blog, bought my own domain and started a fashion blog named I am now a happy blogger and I love my job. When I started, I exerted to understand what is unique in fashion that I can manifest, what is my forte and what I am most comfortable at. I took baby steps and mixed matched clothes, clicked them and started writing about them. I didn’t expect anything; I just went with the flow of writing. Initially, writing seemed like one daunting task but now, it’s a cake walk for me. Once I write, I share them on all social media channels and take efforts in networking with like-minded people.

Coming to social media, you have massive following especially on Instagram. 7210 followers and counting…woah! Did that come easy? Tell us something about it.

Instagram is one of the major contributors for the following I have now. With zillions of users of this fantastic application, it is a great platform for bloggers like me. One can showcase their designs and looks and can connect with fellow bloggers, groups, events and sponsors through Instagram. # (hastags) have made it easier to find the correct audience. At the starting point, it wasn’t easy. I learnt what kind of pictures I should put, and the kind of hashtags that will draw more people. I invested in understanding what exclusive fashion trends will attract people and what steps I can take to be a trendsetter.

neha 4

On Instagram, it’s raining fashion enthusiasts, how do you manage the competition?

You are right; the competition is huge where there are thousands of fashion bloggers and the count is growing continuously. What is keeping me distinctive is the style I carry. Every person has a different opinion about fashion and hence, it varies with the culture, place, and style. My view and style is keeping me unique. My USP is the fusion of Indian and western look. Every time, I post something, I make sure I am not repeating the concept and there is something unique to offer to the people. For instance, putting my post on Bohemian look and merging the same with some Indian jewelry. You will see that in my blog.

Share some success stories and achievements as a fashion enthusiast?

To me, success is getting appreciated and recognized. The greatest feeling is to hear from random people that they read my blog and like it. It gives me goosebumps when they even mention their favorite looks from my blog. As a fashion blogger, it is an achievement to get featured in different look books and pages. I have managed to place myself in different and popular Instagram accounts of clothing and accessories (of e-commerce stores). I am yet to be the best and I am trying for the same.

Tell us about brand endorsements that you have done?

I like writing reviews on the products I use and the places I visit. The latest one I have done is for ‘Irresistible Me Hair extensions’. I was approached by the team and asked to do a blogpost for hair extensions. I created my own look and shot for the same. In the similar order, I have done for some more brands. You may find them on my blog.

How do you manage family, work, and life in the US?

Managing everything together is a bit chaotic here. From creating a look with right makeup and accessories to shooting and posting it on the blog with a story about the look. It is a time-consuming task but is fascinating to do. I take out few hours on the weekend and sometime daily to create the look and document it before actual shooting. It doesn’t affect my work and vice versa. Certainly, it gets hectic for me. Family comes with support and it is the same with me.

I have got my biggest support in Mr. Husband. Being my photographer and editor of my stories, he even becomes a critic sometimes. He helps me picking the perfect look for the post and sometimes he approves some bizarre look as well (giggles).

What would you like to say about Indian fashion? Share some stories on Indian fashion.

Indian Fashion is rich and as vast an ocean. Like our cultures, Indian fashion has different styles, aura, and value. It depicts culture from each part of the country and that makes it beautiful, distinctive and fresh. I feel Indian fashion is about being beautiful and colorful. I am still exploring Indian fashion since it is deep. From Indian Sarees to Lehengas to Ghagras to dresses and then accessories and shoes. Oh My God! I can’t even talk about it all at once but it is incredible to be Indian and I am lucky to get influenced by it.

Our country has an amazing fashion sense and I am a typical Indian when it comes to Fashion. I love mixing up colors and being flashy almost all the time. Like India’s culture, Indian Fashion has colors, styles, and swag. The whole world is obsessed by Indian fashion! Haven’t you seen the song “lean on” and other songs and movies? Indian fashion especially, from weddings are world famous.

What kind of fashion do you specialize in? neha 3

I love fusion. I am an Indian living in a Western country and hence my fashion sense demonstrates the blend of both the cultures. I love wearing western dresses as much I love wearing Indian suits and Sarees. The mix of both styles and cultures is what I specialize in. If you look at my blog, you will see me wearing something western with an Indian touch. Indian accessories are my obsession and to style them with a western touch is what I love. For instance, wearing Bindi with a jacket and skirt.

What suggestions would you give to people who love dressing up and sometimes, not able to afford latest trends.

I would firstly appreciate those people because I feel people who love dressing up, they love themselves and feel happy about their own essence. They love to dress up for themselves before anyone else. My suggestion would be to feel positive and comfortable about what you are wearing. I feel the style rotates, so recreate different looks with the existing clothes instead of shopping every time. Being myself a shopaholic I am not saying ‘Don’t shop’ but play with the stuff you have instead of shopping and building unnecessary pile up. This in one way will help you spend less on shopping. Always experiment and try to understand how different can you style from one attire.

What kind of initiatives have you done to bring innovation to fashion?

I create different looks from same clothes. Boho look is my USP and I like to blend styles and create unique looks. Living in Chicago, the style is more contemporary but I don’t wear that style all the time. I excel in my fashion forte and I feel happy when I get noticed.

What pitfalls do you see the most among people who like dressing up?

In today’s world of fashion and bloggers, the competition level is too high. Some people don’t understand their interest and start playing with dresses just for the sake of monetary interest. They might be good with other things, for instance, DIY, makeup, cooking but not fashion. Like I am not that good in makeup and so, I don’t post stuff related to make-up and show that I am an expert because I am not. I suggest them to understand their interest first and then go for what they are good at.

What is your goal with the efforts you are making in fashion and your long term plan?

To be honest I would like to be recognized as a fashion blogger and I am putting my efforts consistently. It takes time and I am on it. The best part is that I am continuously learning things as a blogger, and as a person. My long term plan is to keep living the dream of a fashion blogger and savor fame too. I definitely look forward to a day when I will be able to give consultancy to people and assist them look at their best. Imagine, me styling up Ryan Gosling someday (chuckles).

How do you think the fashion market will grow in coming 5 years?

Fashion market is dynamic and it will continue to change from time to time. Nobody knows where it is headed in coming 5 years but I’m sure it will be awesome. You may see the old style coming back in next 5 years like all those bell bottoms, palazzos and those off shoulders. This circle of fashion will continue to take place and it will make people innovate just the way I do.

What suggestions would you give to people who are not able to fulfill their passion?

I knew, I always wanted to do something like this in my life and I am living it. A suggestion to people who want to live their dream is to START TODAY because you don’t want to regret it tomorrow for not pursuing your passion. Know your calling today! Step forward and start it right away and you will feel satisfied.

That was Neha for you, another common girl who has gone way ahead to achieve what she wants. What are you planning to do?

To check her blog –

For endorsements or any collaboration, you can reach her at –



Pulkit Arora 2.0

pulkit 2In the current economic landscape, start-ups hold a very strong share. Every third young man or a woman has novel idea trotting around his mind. If you think, the young brigade is only thinking about money, you are utterly wrong. They are concentrating on bringing something novice to the market that in some way contributes to the common masses. Few successful ventures include Ola, Flipkart, Facebook, Oyo Rooms, etc.

This time, I have come up with an interview of a young man who wanted to bring health, hygiene, and taste into attention. Thus, he came with an idea to make and sell fresh fruit juices and other beverages. Pulkit Arora – a corporate slave in past and a dynamic entrepreneur today, he has taken his start-up venture Jux Pux to another level of success and spirit. From 50 sq.ft in CP to 2500 sq.ft space in corporate locations, this guy is going places within a span of 1 year. Read about him and know how he did it.

I am eager to know what drove you to have a business of your own?

Let me share an incident. I was 15 when I made a playlist of songs and the list included Bryan Adams, Coldplay, Madonna, Ronan Keating and many more. This was the list that I wanted to play in my ‘upcoming’ restaurant. So, you can imagine how crazy I was to have an enterprise of my own. Basically, I wanted to do something of my own that wouldn’t make me stick to 9 to 6 cycle of frustration. And definitely, I wanted to have something of my own that socially (by creating jobs) and economically contributed to the market.

I certainly see that streak of entrepreneurship in you. But you did work for corporates, didn’t you? Was quitting your job easy?

(Giggles) Is it ever easy to let go your steady bread and butter? It isn’t. Same story here Debashri. Beginnings are always tough. I didn’t want to begin like an over-confident, and unprepared guy ready to hit the market. That way, I would have been a flop. I started with fulfilling my parents’ aims first – degree, and job. While I worked, I kept my dreams of entrepreneurship alive and yes, my market research. So, when I was finally quitting my job, I had no regrets. I knew my map was ready and I just had to kick start.

pulkit 1

What kind of homework did you do?

I did hardcore market research by studying books, online articles, surveys, and statistics. In addition, I spoke to senior people who have been in the industry for several years. I gathered as much knowledge, I could. I also studied about the pros and cons and how one should meet with atrocities. My homework involved:

  • Making recipes
  • Preparing my own business model
  • Creating market strategies
  • Doing brand establishment
  • Franchise ownerships

The very first thing from the list that I actually did was creating recipes (laughs). I did all these research 1 year prior to starting my business. I made sure, I was aware of every tip and trick of the business so that I give no chance to loopholes.

You seem to be a wise player. Aren’t you? But why did you choose fresh juices and beverages of all? Why food and drinks section – the most competitive one?

I walk through flea markets and see people selling juices in the most unclean conditions. This irks me. I concentrated on bringing in something that was healthy and hygienic. In an era, where junk food and good health are juxtaposing each other, I wanted to give something that was tasty, healthy and hygienic. We do not believe in serving conventional flavors and instead, we focus on mixing and giving options (customization) so that the customer can customize the food as per their taste.

As a matter of fact, we have tie-ups with suppliers who provide us with ingredients made in international standards. So, we keep a close eye on quality and cleanliness. So, coming back to your question, I would say I knew the sector I was venturing into. The concept of Jux Pux is unique and I knew I was most capable in it. I knew how will I handle the adversities if ever god forbid I happen to see.

Start-up has its own dynamics. What does your research say?

When I started Jux Pux in 2015, I was loaded with information. As I started, all the information with additional knowledge started flowing on a practical basis. Every start-up has its three phases:

  • 1st Year – Investment
  • 2nd Year – Stability
  • 3rd Year – Brand building

I am in the 2nd phase and concentrating on the stability part which is going as per my marketing strategies. There is a long way to go in the business and I am burning midnight oil to pursue the same.

You have managed to achieve constructive success in one year? Would you describe the success story?

God’s grace that is. In March’2015, we acquired our first outlet (50 sq.ft) in the 6th most expensive market in the world (Connaught Place) as per CBRE survey. Later, we had in Agra. Now, Jux Pux is in Ghaziabad, Hyderabad and Bangalore. From 50 sq.ft space in Connaught Place to 2500 sq.ft in one of the top IT companies in Hyderabad, we have come pretty far. It was my stint in Agra, when I joined hands with Simran Jeet Singh (Co-founder) and Nipun Bhardwaj (Co-founder and head of operations). Since then we have been together and Jux Pux is expanding steadily.

I am feeling very inquisitive about the name – Jux Pux. What does it mean? 

Pic courtesy – internet

Pure juices with X factor.

Any interesting incident?

Once, a typical Delhi guy walked into our outlet. He asked for Naariyal Paani/Coconut water, so I started doing the hard work of peeling the coconut. Just when I was engrossed in the work, he bluntly said, “Bhaisaab! I want the ones kept in fridge.” (laughs) So, you can imagine, the kind of people I get to meet.

I can only imagine the extremities you get to see. Do your parents sometimes ask you weird questions about your start-up? How did they react?

They do ask questions but not to extremes. My parents were supportive. Though, my mother was little skeptical initially but she got convinced after she saw my first outlet. To be honest, during my preparation time, I didn’t tell my parents about my plans for a start-up. It was much later that I spilled the beans and my father and brother supported wholeheartedly.

You also own Dreamers’ Café. Would you like to share what it is?

Yes, of course. It is a part of Jux Pux itself that caters space, food and beverages to people looking for office location for their start-ups. Partly, it is taken care by one of our key investors. Based out of Asaf Ali Road in New Delhi, Dreamers’ Cafe is a roof top location and it gives lot of space and peace to people working to have an enterprise of their own.

What are your future plans?

Corporate tie-ups and extending our list of food items. We are in talks with a few corporate firms and hoping to see our presence in their office spaces soon. Talking about the food items, we are planning to bring in lot of salads, sandwiches and other healthy stuff to people.

What suggestions would you give to people planning to have a start-up of their own?   

Hard work, hard work and more hard work. And most importantly, do not expect. Things will fall in place on their own. Make sure, the business you are putting your hands into has something unique to offer. Last but not the least, keep in mind the backup plan of next three years to meet any unforeseen situation.

Finally, me with the young turk

Jux Pux, an out of the box name accompanied by energetic techies is purely an example of sheer passion and dedication. It specializes in serving cold & hot beverages like shakes, smoothies, lemonades, flavored lassi, flavored tea, coffee, hot milk and others. In order to compliment beverages, the menu has quick bites as an icing on the top. The venture has been appreciated by one of the top 25 Indian companies for its quality and it has rewarded a space for Cafe Lounge within their campus.

You can reach Pulkit at following:

Phone no.: 09711752015

Email Id:

Know more about Jux pux here:

An evening with Paras – The Traveler

Sitting in his balcony and sipping hot tea, Paras, a businessman dealing in medicines gives a gentle smile to his newly wedded wife.  I, an old friend decided to have a tete e tete with him on his first love – travelling.

Raised in hustling bustling Ghaziabad (adjacent to Delhi), Paras knew that he would not spend his entire life in simply managing medicines. There was more to life than just paying bills, taxes, liabilities and scores of other responsibilities. My objective of writing this interview is to encourage young and old towards their dreams, and passion. Here, it goes:

When did the travel bug bit you?paras

I guess I was born with the bug itself (gently laughs). Till I grew up, I only went around with my family and in a protected environment, I explored places. It was 2008, when I went to Mysore to meet my friend and check out the city. It was then when I had this inclination to travel, travel and travel. After that, I decided and started making plans for my travels. To be honest, there was no looking back since then.

Which all places have you been till now? And which one was the most memorable one?

I have explored entire Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bnegal and other few. I checked out all temples and historical places like 7 Jyotirlinga, 4 Dhams etc. I have had the privilege to take holy dip (Shahi snaan) at Maha Kumbh Mela and I travel to Kolkata every year for Durga puja. Outside India, I have been to places like Bali, Singapore, Jakarta, Corsica and Paris. I did road trip that was like Ghaziabad-Varanasi-Kolkata-Bhutan-Gorakhpur-Ghaziabad. Another road trip of mine was Ghaziabad-Ladakh-Srinagar-Ghaziabad. In Corsica, I explored via a self driven car. They are all memorable but my stint at Everest Base Camp and Nepal has been the most vivid one.

Wohooo! Your experience gives me goosebumps. I can sniff a blend of adventure in you.  Tell me about the experience at Everest.

I wonder, if I have the adjectives to express! I still remember, I was standing at the Advance Base Camp of the world’s highest mountain. What else could I ask for? I was almost in tears and never imagined that I could be this daring. How many of us think being at such a point, at such a height and live a dream like that? While trekking, I was almost one with nature especially mountains. I walked on frozen river and climbed diagonally on frozen waterfall. I trekked from 9000 ft to 17000 ft with consistently decreasing Oxygen level. When you physically exert to this level, you are too tired but the charm of living away from city life in camps is worth it. I was able to know about the Sherpa culture that is the common habitat there and it is worth experiencing.

paras 1I can very well feel the ultimate experience you had. But why adventure of all?

Adventurous trips and travels build up the strength in me. I get to tackle life threatening scenarios in such situations, and with this, I only get stronger to meet other hazards in life. When I am close to nature, I feel I get a little more mature.

And why religious traveling? It is rare to find a young man these days who loves to visit religious places.

(Gentle laugh) I explore religious places because it makes me believe in me being a human. It’s an essence. On the other hand, I love knowing about the background of a certain religious place or a shrine, anything. If you start digging out, you will get to know interesting stories of each place, trust me. I am amused that there are certain beliefs and myths absolutely unbelievable but our countrymen believe in them.

No wonder! Ok, tell me about your family’s take on your adventure and religious trips?

Supportive in one word! As a matter of fact, when I was about to start my Everest Base Camp, I had second thoughts. But, my parents inculcated courage in me and said that I should cast away fear. They claimed that I will overcome all hassles and come out like a winner. And I did. When I returned, not only did I receive a grand reception from family but also from some senior and distinctive people in the city. Accolades came flooding via news papers, social media and phone calls. Let me tell you, my newly wedded wife is also my partner in crime rather travel.

Is it possible to make a career in traveling?

If one is wanderlust then why not? Anybody who travels can tie up with local tour operators and trekking companies. Also, one can make connections and bring up guides from villages or inhabitant areas for travelers. Anybody who loves traveling can develop connections and understand where he can earn his brownie points. This calls for lot of research as well.

What should a traveler keep in mind while going on any adventure trip?

Let me brief that in points:

  1. Handy cash as virtual money and cards may not work in all places
  2. Listen and follow the guide on a mandatory basis
  3. Carry dry fruits for cooler regions (for energy and warmth) and Camphor for high altitude places (they help in smooth breathing)
  4. Comfortable clothes as per the location
  5. Passion, and determination

What kind of adventure activities would you recommend?

  1. Bungee jumping
  2. Skydiving
  3. Paragliding
  4. Everest Base Camp
  5. Scuba diving
  6. Cave hunting
  7. Road trips

What would you suggest to the generation coming that loves to travel?

LIVE YOUR DREAMS! Be a traveler and never a tourist. Try to go out of your comfort zone and explore this planet before it succumbs to human beings. It is beautiful and amazing. Cheers!

In case you want to reach out to Paras, take the following details:

Phone no. 9811414159

Email ID:

Paras is also taking care of Travel and Treks (you can find it on Facebook) where he assists in bookings and other activities.

Email ID:


Shuborno – The fundamentalist

suboIn this rat race of glorifying engineering or sucking a management degree, Shuborno Chakroborty, a 23 years old sits peacefully next to his window fiddling with a book on Physics. He is pursuing his Master’s degree in Physics at Amity University, Noida. In a two story flat, Shuborno manages to maintain a small library of books on Physics, and Mathematics. He looks forward to pursue research in the same field and see himself as a professor someday. His passion also extends to appreciating nature, studying Astrology and collecting pens. A complete geek and a voracious reader, Shuborno loves to be a social animal, discuss cinema in free time and listen to music. My interview with him talks about his aspirations, his love for pens and yes, how his learning can be insightful for the society. Know him more:

Me – You love Physics. What is your specialization?

Shub – Theoretical Physics

Me – Could you explain?

Shub – It is the mathematical way of understanding nature. It is the study of knowing the working of nature with the help of Mathematics and the aim is to come out with a single equation which describes all the known forces in nature. It is called the theory of everything. Sir Albert Einstein was the first person who thought about the unification of forces.

Me – Ah! Sounds tough to me.

Shub – See, it’s an unsolved problem in Physics left by Sir Einstein. There are four fundamental forces – Electromagnetism, weak and strong, forces and gravitation. Other than gravitation, all other forces have been unified mathematically into a single equation but gravitation hasn’t. Many physicists have tried and developed many theories. These are good but not perfect. So, I am working towards it and hope, someday it is solved and proven experimentally. As a matter of fact, one can even win a Nobel Prize for the same.

Me – So, Nobel is your aim, is it?

Shub – (Laughs). No not at all. Studying Physics for the sake of recognition isn’t my aim. I just want to contribute. And yes, I also want to contribute in several other fields in Physics like Quantum Physics. It has got many paradoxes too. I want to give a perfect explanation of quantum Physics. It is the heart of Theoretical Physics. In fact, it has got many co-relations with the Vedanta. So, you see, it goes a long way in knowledge.

Me – Ok. Let me talk from a layman’s perspective here. How will the common man benefit from your research?

Shub – Well that’s a good question. See there is no direct relation. But let me tell you one thing. The GPS system which we use, which is there in every mobile phone nowadays, it is based on general relativity. This was given by Einstein and it’s a major part of theoretical Physics. Then, we see electronics in everything. The foundation of the study of electronics is quantum mechanics. So, you can say, my work is with fundamentals. I do theoretical Physics out of sheer joy of Mathematics.

Me – So, what value additions will your research bring in the world?

Shub – See the value addition depends on the experimentalist who works on the theory and tries to see what use he can have from theory. Like the famous physicist Paul Dirac who gave the world the understanding of quantum mechanics and several other scientists who showed the theoretical side of semiconductors. Based on that theory, the experimentalists worked and invented several things which we use in daily life. I am a fundamentalist. My work is to appreciate the beauty of nature and understand it mathematically.

Me – I want to draw a concrete value proposition of your research so that tomorrow our generation uses it. Certainly not for making bombs!

Shub – Great question. See, there are two aspects of Physics, experimental and theoretical. The work of an experimentalist is too see how a theoretical thing can be converted into a device or something. For an example, as u said about making bombs. The greatest tragedy of Sir Einstein’s life was this. He gave an equation. A world famous equation – E=mc square. Now this equation says matter and energy are inter-convertible. This equation tells us why sun glows and why stars glow. This was done for understanding how nature works. But few experimentalists used it to make atom bomb. And then Hiroshima Nagasaki happened. He didn’t say “Make bombs” but people did.

Talking on a positive side, it was Sir Einstein’s theory which helped in making GPS system and refrigerators. It was he who claimed that light can behave like both particle and wave. This was the beginning of quantum mechanics. 

Me – So if I ask you, are you a fundamentalist or an experimentalist?

Shub – I am a fundamentalist and my aim is to understand nature and appreciate it mathematically.

Me – Don’t you think you are investing a lot of time, effort and money in the research. What if it doesn’t bring any positive result at the end?

Shub – Last year, Sir Peter Higgs got Nobel Prize for the discovery of god particle or technically saying Higgs Boson. He gave the theoretical framework in 1963. He proposed that such a particle exists. He predicted that by using mathematical calculations. But, people did not believe at that point of time because our technology wasn’t advanced. In the last twenty years due to technological advancement, a big experiment was executed in CERN Geneva – The large hadron collider experiment. Millions were spent behind it. There was the time, when everyone believed it was of no use but last year the experiment was successful and after fifty years, peter higgs prediction was verified successfully.

So, research is an integral aspect of global development. Satyendranath Bose predicted Bose -Einstein condensate in 1924 but they were experimentally proven after 79 years. So, research is all about taking risks. If benefited, it results in the betterment of the entire human race in some way or the other. My experimental lab is a piece of paper, and the devices are my pen, my brain and my Mathematics.

Me – In this regard, which books are your favorites? What all do you read and where?

Shub – I have more than 500 eBooks of Mathematics and theoretical Physics. I read mostly about Mathematics because it gives me pleasure. I love pure Mathematics. And my favorite book is a ‘Mathematicians apology’ by Sir G H Hardy. It gives a nice description of how a mathematician should look at the world. Also, I am very lucky to have friends who share the same wavelength in both Physics and Mathematics. I collect books from everyone. At the same time, I use the Internet massively for my research.

 Me – At a point when a lot of people are running away from Mathematics, I see your special corner for Mathematics. Care to talk about it?

Shub – I am a big lover of Mathematics. A mathematician looks at the inherent beauty of the mathematical structures. It’s like literature. Mathematics is the poetry of logical ideas. The inherent logic! The logical steps in understanding a theorem give a sense of enjoyment, just like when a poet expresses his feelings through words. In the similar manner, a mathematician expresses his feelings, his love towards abstract through logic.

Me – Where do you see yourself ten years down the line?

Shub – I would like to share my knowledge with everyone. Preferably, I would like to see myself as a professor in areas like theoretical Physics and pure Mathematics.

Me – Let’s talk about Astrology. You do out of hobby?

Shub – I love it and it’s not hobby. The skill has been inherited and it is a part of my life. I can say I am lucky to be born with some special gifts. I do it based on my intuition and some astrological calculations.

Me – In today’s world, astrology has several opinions. Some are either blindly following it or some completely discard it. Overall, this section is negatively looked at and often wrongly defined. It seems there are more questions to it than answers. What you have to say about it?

Shub -Yes. Actually astrology is a misunderstood science. The very basis and the logic behind it is something which not everyone knows. Astrology follows ‘prevention is better than cure’. If mixed with pure intuition it can tell you about your entire life. It is true it creates more questions reason being you haven’t seen the future. No one has seen the future so obviously questions will come but if one can analyze himself or herself after listening to those things which creates questions one may get all the answers.

As long as questions are there, answers will also be there. It is our responsibility to search for that answer. Then only, our life will have a bigger purpose. Astrology is a deep science linked with our inner being. Most of us are unaware of that spark created by our inner being. So, there are more questions than answers. But, a science person will never understand Astrology. My belief goes contrary to what a scientist believes. It is a misunderstood science.

Me – Isn’t it an irony that you study Physics and astrology both?

Shub – Yes it is. Well, astrology, Mathematics and philosophy were there in ancient times. But with the advent of modern science the way to look at science has changed. Physical science does have a stern side it wants to have empirical evidence. The problem of astrology is the experimenter and the observer, both are there within us. And the entire astrology has to do with that thing within us. And here the rift between philosophy and Physics starts. My idea is to correlate the western science with eastern mysticism. Did you know the great mathematician Srinivas Ramanujan was an amazing astrologer too? As a matter of fact, he predicted his own death. 

 Me – What would you like to say to people who follow it and the ones who don’t?

Shub – Firstly, I want to say that I have had experiences who stopped working in their activities after I predicted that something good may happen. As a result of their actions, nothing good happened. Lastly, I was blamed for wrong prediction. Similarly, astrologers get blamed. Astrology is a science of probability. It depends on the caliber of a person how that person is putting his efforts. Belief in oneself and actions decide future. As we also call it Karma. Your future depends on the Karma you do in your present. As you asked, I would say, go for it if you believe in it and most importantly in yourself. Sometimes, I respect people who willingly refuse to go for it.

Me – I completely second your thought. Hope people understand. Now, on a lighter note, tell us something about your love for pens.

Shub – I love pens in one sentence. Mostly, the fountain pens. While, I hold them I feel so suave and classy. You can say, I almost go in trance (laugh aloud). I imagine myself sitting in my room in Cambridge University with my Waterman fountain pen and also, smoking a Cheroot. I have a big collection of pens ranging from Parker to Waterman. The day I start earning, I would like to have a large collection from all well known companies. By the way, as I mentioned Cheroots, I do have another passion of collecting different branded cigars and cheroots. Hope you see a house full of pens and cigars soon.

Me – That gives quite a classy feel. So, as I end our conversation, I would like to ask you one more question. Your peers are after software engineering or MBA, what makes you think and do different?

Shub – My love towards knowing who I am. My passion towards understanding the nature. And yes that gut feeling that I am inside a dream and I want to wake up.