Music – A healer in disguise

In the hustling bustling city of Ghaziabad, I often wonder what keeps people so busy? Is it the work, the family or the friends? With intensive observation, what I found was ‘Music’. You take the bus from the terminal or take an auto to Raj Nagar, music in all decibels resides.

You are running after catching a bus and the ear pluggins are still there. Jump, catch and hop, yet, smartly, u manage to make way in the crowd and from many hands, a hand gets you the ticket. You are sweating, you are panting, yet, you are ardently listening to the radio. Nothing keeps you away from it. Thanks to the 24*7 availability of music, no one is interested in other’s business today.

On the flip side, women are no less, they make themselves comfortable at a seat and all set to put in the pluggins. In that rythem, it is easier for them to break free from the onlookers, the ailing old man, the yelling baby and the never ending mob. IT professional, Divya Keshav shares, “Once, the ear plugs are fixed, I am out of this world. I least care what is happening around me. It is me and the music and definitely, a relaxation from the regular pressure.”

Music in all forms is welcomed in Ghaziabad. What all you can savor yourself with are Bhojpuri versions of popular Hindi film songs and even the parodies in all types. Be it the auto driver taking me home or the regular passenger coming along with me each day in the bus, what keeps us addicted? It is the hidden loneliness in each of us. We are struggling each day and want to just get away from the surrounding. We all know we can’t be cowards and have to take the pressure. Let music be the healer when a friend’s word doesn’t help or mother’s pat doesn’t work.

So, next time, when you are in Ghaziabad and wondering what makes everybody listen to music then keep in mind that everybody out their are leaders in the making. Before the loneliness or the pressure grabs us, we prefer arming ourselves. Here, we are with Bhojpuri, Chanda CDs, Udit Narayan and more music to keep us engaged and deviated. Keep listening people! Keep listening!