I have always tried confronting men during the time they spoke in double meaning. My motive has been left in making women appear more stronger, and braver. I do not know either it is a dumb move or a gutsy one to give back. But, each time I do it, I made to feel I created a trouble.

Unfortunately, if a female gives back, she is considered ‘not-so-polite, rude, and most importantly ‘not-a-good girl’. My feminism screams from inside, and tells me jokes are two way and there is nothing is answering in the same manner as men did.

Strangely, girls shy away, and refuse to speak. Is that women empowerment? The are MBAs, scholars, researchers, and more but the woman remains woman. She stays quiet. She stays mum. Verbal jokes made on woman’s body are equal to eve tease. Respecting the way a woman is remains the thumb rule.