Why content writers float in the market?

The other day, I managed to scroll through content writing profiles on a social writernetworking site. I realized, they had a good number of switches over a span just few years. It matched my own scenario. I thought of penning down certain points that let content writers switch jobs in short periods. Before I express my opinions, I accept that I do make mistakes and have never been ‘picture perfect’ in my work. I apologize in advance if this piece of content sounds offensive or wrong in anyway.

Following are some of the key issues that hamper one’s work process and make them look out.


Lack of content work and strategy –  Lot of organizations hire the writer because they have content task ‘in-the-moment’. May be six months down the line, the writer is not needed. What happens then? Definitely, a switch! It is important that there should be a proper strategy according to which a content writer will lead. The criteria should encompass the exact duties and responsibilities that are required to be met with. Content has a small shelf life and one needs to keep writing more and new. Employers should have long term content development goals from the candidate.


Contractual based work – In my point of view, content writer should be hired as consultants who should work on a contractual basis. For instance, hire a writer for a fixed period like six months or eight. The strategy should encompass the kind of work you need to get done from the writer. Once determined, the details with timelines should be explained to the writer at the time of selection. Along with this, the cost should be negotiated too. This will help both the employer and the employee at a beneficial side. Also a content writer should be approached for content and not technical writing which happens to be a different division all together (until the writer actually holds potential in the same).blem

Multifarious domains versus writers – Across the industry, there is a huge confusion with the art called  writing. Anybody who says he can write doesn’t mean he can write on everything on Earth. Every writer has his own kind of potential. For instance, I can write short stories but I am an epic fail in instructional design. Many a times, a writer is hired for a profile that he has no clue of (courtesy – HR trying to close the vacancy). What happens next is, a tough struggle for the writer to survive in the job. Though, there are many potential people who overcome this struggle with flying colors.


Well defined profile – A job of research analysis report writing differs from doing marketing collateral. I appreciate a lot of employers who take an extra effort to understand the candidate’s area of interest and match it with theirs. It is important for every employer to check with the current writing scenario of the candidate and then proceed in the interview.


Selection criteria – Stop hiring a writer on grounds of English literature degree. There is a peculiar thought process associated with content writing profile hiring where the criteria says the candidate should have masters in English from Delhi University or a mass comm degree and also have 80% marks. Someone who is a writer is a writer naturally because it is a god gifted art. Weaving words is not that easy. Current crop of corporate do not simply look for writers, they look for professionals who can not only write within a tight deadline but also who shall follow impeccable corporate ethics and communicate flawlessly. An English literature degree doesn’t justify that.


Finicky seniors and lack of proper infrastructure – It is a not a new thing and neither a problem alone with content writing. Many are facing the same. But when it comes to writing, many a times, seniors have a peculiar tendency to find unnecessary issues in one’s content and give unreasonable deadlines. Finding grammatical and sentence construction errors is understood but that doesn’t mean changing the entire content written itself. Also, it is important not to judge a writer because he or she is a writer. Mistakes can happen on human grounds. Coming to infrastructure part, often many writers are seated in a very chaotic environment and not given enough peace and serenity to construct sentences.


Amicable environment – Seniors should appreciate the content written by the employee and they should try to understand in what blend of mind did they write it. Often aspects like experience and exposure play a pivotal role in writing. Not everybody has traveled the world or met too many people. Seniors should definitely find faults in content but not at the cost of a fellow writer’s time and energy.  Mistakes should be checked on grounds of sentence construction, grammar, usage of words and overall content. Writers should be given ample space to sit, think, research and write.


Designation challenges – The word ‘content’ is different from ‘content’ both in terms ofcontent vs contentpronunciation and meaning. People in various positions in corporate should learn to differentiate between the two.  In all hiring processes, I realize everybody is termed as a content writer. So, someone with six years of experience is often called a content writer or a senior content writer. There should be some change in the designation.  Though this may not be a reason of switching jobs but definitely irks many to the nerve.


Proper designation allotment – If a content writer works for marketing activities, the designation on a mandatory basis should be ‘Content Writer – Marketing and Communications’ or ‘Content Writer – SEO’ and just not content writer. This helps in keeping one’s profile more targeted and clear. A lot of senior writers just not write content but also help in strategizing the content development plan and lead content based marketing activities. They deserve to savor creative and meaty designations other than plain Jane ‘content writer’.


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What happens when you are a Holy Child School pass out?

holy child

Holy Child School is an ICSE board convent school located in Ghaziabad. It is vastly known for its strict culture, rich education and discipline. A ‘Sisters of Charity’ product, the school is a name to reckon with and has a pool of esteemed teachers, staff and precious students.

Clad in knee length white skirt and shirt, a mandatory red hair band and a bag full of books, a Holy Child woman is someone loaded with substance, wisdom, simplicity and exceptional communication skills. But you realize all that when you complete the schooling and meet the real world. All my batch mates that I am in touch with are basking in the glory of successful careers and happy matrimony. I have penned some points that happen to you when you are from Holy Child School. Take a look:

  • Ghaziabad’s official angrez – On that heading, didn’t you feel tickled just like any plastic bottle getting boiling water? I never knew, studying in Holy Child was this significant till I was officially addressed as an angrez in my vicinity. I joined my college and realized that entire empire of women was murmuring on why I opted for an average college but not something top shot university.


  • Society’s charm – You attend a wedding and some forgettable uncle ji with a massive belly will approach you. He will introduce himself to you with the best of his ability in English. There is something with the school that suddenly the outside world expects you to be abreast every current affair in the world. Because you studied in Holy Child, you should know why there is no food to eat in Ethiopia?, the reforms Tipu Sultan couldn’t materialize, debate on US movements or any political massacre happening in the country.


  • ‘Please guide my child’ aunties – Embrace yourself if there is a naked kid spinning around you for some tips for life, understand some aunty has send him. I have come across women who want me to guide their daughters and sons on what career they should choose and if they can become one Amartya Sen in just 2 days. “Jaao didi se pucho”, “Dekho didi ne bhi kitni padhai ki hai”, “Didi tooshan padhyengi abse”, blah blah! While the kid who has just grown some beard sits across with a certified poker face who doesn’t know what to do in life and wonders his life is an epic fail and that some random didi has become more successful.


  • Chest thumping parents’ connoisseur to eyes – Parents over night turn into Hercules of pride at weddings, kitty parties, cards playing sessions, Diwali/Dusshera/Eid parties etc. They are mostly overheard like “Bitiya to Holy Child se padhi hai na”, “Bitiya English movies dekhti hai sirf”, “Aaj fine lag gaya, Hindi thora bol diya tha”, “Washington mam hain inki to” and much more.


  • Probability of good marriage proposal – Exactly! If you manage to pass out from convent, your prospects for magnum opus marriage proposals increase by a large degree. I am not sure if it has happened with you but convent education is a strict parameter in bride hunting (this came as a piece of information me much later). Parents feel extra leveraged when they have to showcase me to some prospect and feel marriage is almost fixed.


  • Dinosaurous career – I totally vouch for this in all honesty. Every batch mate I met is going through a roaring career worth boasting off. They are placed in some of the big companies and earning massive. Even though, at this stage many have invested themselves to household Karma, they haven’t deviated from doing anything worthwhile. They are doting daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers full of wisdom.


  • Warm regards, love and a ton of attitude – A lot of people think girls passing out from Holy Child are arrogant. It is just a thought process people have developed. People create a judgmental opinion about girls and by any chance if you turn out to be a normal, day-to-day girl, they still judge you. You sound unique – it is a problem, you don’t – it is still a problem.


  • Good lord! Grammar Nazi? How art thou? – Oh! You are from Holy Child, you must be speaking some gibberish in Shakespearean English. And if that is not enough then spelling errors make the worse. “How come you spelt ‘and’ as ‘nad’, oh aren’t you a Holy Child pass out?” “You must be knowing all words in the dictionary”? etc.


  • Oh! Petite intellectual English you – People invariably presume that you have one intellectual streak in you. You are supposed to stand out of the crowd, sound and seem bright through communication and knowledge. Minimalistic jewelry, ‘no-nonsense’ fashion and some ‘foreign returned kind of blend’ define you. That is just an assumption but we all come from different cultural backgrounds, language and lineage and these parameters are also significant for one’s personality.


  • Because it is Christmas – You could be an ardent worshipper of some Jahangir Baba outside the school but when it is Christmas it is Christmas. Even if you have completed schooling, the celebration bling is so well rooted in you that you do not stop visiting church, hum some carols, eat plum cake, make merry and reminisce celebrations during school days.


Over the years, the school has come a long way and being a very forgettable alumnus, I wish someday I make you proud. Whatever I am today, it is because of the school. I owe you huge gratitude and wish a lot of success and prosperity.

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