10 things to keep in mind for active reading

While searching for an illustration for ‘reading’, I only came across pictures where

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subjects are reading books only. Reading as per Google search means “the action or skill of reading”. Reading could be anything. Reading is a beautiful gesture where every piece of written content counts, from Grihashobha, online articles to a novel by Dan Brown, reading is reading. As long as someone is able to draw value added lessons and information, reading will never go out of trend. I personally read lot of articles from Livemint, Harvard Business Review, TED etc. This art calls for patience as well. In every seven people only two people actually read.


On that note, I have written down some tips for people who finding reading a tough job. Here they go:

  1. Don’t get swayed by book reading alone – I never understood why is it reading is identified by reading a book only. Reading is reading. Even reading a banner is reading. Never tell anyone I do not read. If you read articles, blogs, informative emails, or any content available online or on paper is reading in its own way.
  2. Take baby steps – It is not possible for someone who is running short of time and patience to read heavy books at first shot. Neither recommended. Whenever you feel the urge to meet the reading quest and feel you aren’t in the right direction, take baby steps. Read small paragraphs. From Laghu Kathayen in Hindi newspaper to Speaking Tree section in the English daily, reading is reading and it qualifies as a substantial one. Start with baby steps in reading such as small paragraphs, picture books with stories, anecdotes, features etc.
  3. Read what you like irrespective of language – Never get swayed by fancy English names of novels. Not all those that sound extravagant have enormous fodder to offer. If you like reading, then read whatever comes your way. Just make sure, it is value driven. As mentioned in point 1, read Laghu Kathayen in Hindi newspaper, Speaking Tree section in English paper, news columns, magazine areas etc. As long as you are able to derive information from it, it will be valuable to you.
  4. Do not create your whims and fancies – Never think too much about reading. Just go with the flow. Reading is a beautiful culture in its own way. Famous authors like V.S. Naipaul, Arundhati Roy, Vikram Seth etc. often write very beguiling articles in English dailies. Read them. Reading a book because it is popular among people doesn’t mean it will entice you. You can even read interviews of famous people, write-ups on food, health, and travelogues.
  5. Reading a book is different from reading about a book – Either way, it is not bad. Having awareness of the books that are trending in the market is a good thing. Read what people are writing about? where are people drawing inspiration from? and how are they writing? and most importantly, does it encourage you? And if you fall in a category where you read books in real sense, then it’s win win story.
  6. Read simple content – I have always recommended people to read that is easy to understand. As a prolific writer, I pen down my content in the simplest form. I want everybody to read and it is my moral responsibility to write something that is simple, engaging and lucid. Read to enhance your knowledge, your vision and explore cultural diversification.
  7. Read less but qualitative – Do not look around at a book shop and decide to spend a fortune. Spend wisely on books or whatever reading material you are preferring. Before purchasing, inquire yourself that will you read it fully, will it entertain you in anyway and how far will you extract some knowledge from it?
  8. Share what you read – It is critical to share what you have read. It is important to inform the world about the knowledge you have received from reading something. Let your reading abilities become path to awakening for others. It is similar to the happiness people felt when the postman read aloud letters to them. Imagine, if you could share your information with people who cannot read at all.
  9. Read to derive value not attention – Do not read to show off. Read for understanding the world a little better. If you are reading to showcase yourself to people, you are doing injustice to yourself and you aren’t turning any wiser. As I mentioned earlier, read less but qualitative.
  10. Don’t read under pressure – Because entire universe is reading around you doesn’t mean you have to ape them. Go with your own pace. Read that is easy to you. People intentionally subscribe to sophisticated and extensive news journals only to impress their guests. Don’t do it. Kill all apprehensions. Pick anything that amuses you and develops interests in you.

3 thoughts on “10 things to keep in mind for active reading

  1. You have such an interesting blog. Thanks for sharing. I’m a life coach blogger. Reading blogs is my hobby and I randomly found your blog. I enjoyed reading your posts. All the best for your future blogging endeavors. Please keep in touch with me in Google+, +sridharchandrasekaran Twitter @lifecoachbloger


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